TV Geek Review: Emerald City Season 1

Emerald City wrapped up it’s first season a few weeks ago, and as of present time writing this article, there’s still been no confirmation about the show’s future.  It ended on a promising note, that much was still unresolved, but let’s get into it, shall we.


In case you missed it, Emerald City was a reboot/reimagining of the Wizard Of Oz stories by Frank L. Baum, done with a modern twist and fantastic visuals by director Tarsem Sing (The Cell, Immortals), and by creator Matthew Arnold.  It definitely wasn’t the traditional “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Oz tale that we’ve become familiar with, nor was it like the books that got way deep into the mythology of Oz that I used to be hooked on reading as a child.

You can read my review of the first two episodes here for the plot recap:

But as the episodes progressed, we got more character time with nearly everyone that you’d want to learn more of just about, including, a transgender by way of magic Ozma, who would much rather be called Tip (Jordan Loughran-The Infiltrator) ,  The Wizard’s  (Vincent Donofrio) backstory, who was just a low level lab assistant named Frank until he and the scientists he worked for got sucked into a science made tornado that brought them all to Oz.    And we even found out Dorothy’s (Adria Arjona-True Detective) backstory by the end, and who her real mother was.  I’m just glad that the circle birthmark tatoo on her hand wasn’t some mark of destiny and they didn’t go that route, though she does have magical abilities, and the power of the ruby gauntlet that she got from the Witch of the East.

The love story element of the story with her and Lucas felt a bit rushed at times, but I liked the twists that were put into that story as well.  What I loved most about this season was that whenever you thought you could see where a story was going to go, or become a familiar Oz character archetype, it went in the exact opposite direction more often than not.   Even the ‘Wicked Witch Of The West’ here is a fairly likeable, if not troubled but relatable character, and the actress who plays her, Ana Ularu (Inferno) really gave her that tragic feel that you want her to succeed.

I don’t want to get into too much spoiler territory, as I know the show didn’t really have a strong audience, so there may be some readers out there that haven’t seen the show but want to.  If you’re one of those, I highly recommend you do.  It was a great fantasy show, with good acting, writing, and visuals.   What more could you really ask for other than answers to some dangling plot threads which I hope get resolved in a second season.   Go check it out now on Hulu.


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