Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 3.21.17.

We ended last week’s show rather abruptly, and not even Talking Smack resolved anything about the AJ Styles situation. It’s all about building suspense for the match at Wrestlemania between him and Shane McMahon, but when everyone knows it’s going to happen, like the Seth vs Triple H match, this extra suspense is just that, extra.

And just like that, AJ is back on Smackdown. As Daniel Bryan chastises him and says he’s got no idea what he’s getting himself into at Wrestlemania going up against Shane O Mac.

AJ Styles now comes out to address the crowd. He says he’s proud of what he did last week to Shane, and this week..he’s going to do it all over again. No #beatupshaneomac tag this time though.

Up next it’s a tag team championship match, The Usos vs American Alpha. But before that, Baron Corbin confronts Daniel Bryan backstage, trying to find Dean Ambrose, who still isn’t back from his injury a few weeks back, incurred by Corbin. Daniel Bryan puts him in a match tonight against Randy Orton. This should be great.

Match 1- Smackdown Tag Titles American Alpha vs The Usos

American Alpha is taking control in the early goings of this match. Usos take over after the first break. Pretty sure that’s not how a tag team match is supposed to work.

The Usos are maintaining their control though, nearly ending the match in a count out, but they make a tag and the beat down of Chad Gable continues.

Another hot tag by both teams and Jason Jordan is on fire right now. He’s taking both Usos on single handedly, til they get the upper hand, and Gables back in, who gets hit with a super kick and a splash, it’s nearly over, but no, this fight continues.

A series of crazy near falls happens next, this is a fantastic match, and the crowd agrees, chanting “This is awesome!”

In the end, it’s a super kick, and The Usos are your new tag team champs! Hell of a way to start the show. Rematch at Wrestlemania I’m sure. I’m hoping for a ladder match myself.

Match Winner-The Usos (champions)

Match Grade-A

Meanwhile, AJ Styles hides his time in the parking lot, waiting for Shane to show up.

Luke Harper is back, yes! Cutting a great promo against Orton right now, and Bray Wyatt. He says next week he will destroy Bray Wyatt like Orton destroyed Sister Abigail. Looking forward to that.

Now it’s time for The Miz and Maryse to spoof Total Bella’s, and this is hilarious. Well, maybe not hilarious, but it’s amusing.

Now it’s time for the next match, they’re on a roll tonight.

Match 2-Baron Corbin vs Randy Orton

These two don’t waste any time, getting right to it from the bell ring. Some back and forth at first, but Orton has this match going in his favor and quick.   But Corbin is no pushover, and gets things back in his favor before long.

Back and forth action now. This is how you get people over, not 50/50 booking. Not everyone can win , but everyone can look good in a match if you book it right.

In the end, Dean Ambrose distracted Corbin by calling him out from a forklift, setting up Randy to hit Corbin with the RKO for the win.

Post match, Ambrose heads to the ring, and says he accepts his Wrestlemania challenge and the title will be on the line.

Match Winner-Randy Orton

Match Grade-A

This show has been great so far, first half done, and two solid matches and entertaining for the most part segments. If only the writers put this much effort into every show.

How is JBL so excited for John Cena vs Fandango?

Randy Orton is backstage, and gets assaulted by a bunch of Wyatt foot soldiers in sheep masks, like an army of Erick Rowan clones. Then out comes Bray to confront Orton, who is being held by the clones, and offers up a vague promo about how Sister Abigail is now within Bray himself now.

Match 3-John Cena vs Fandango 

Not sure why this match is happening, or why Tyler Breeze is dressed like Nikki Bella right now. Thoroughly confused/disturbed right now.  I predict this match will be over in less than 30 seconds.

Fandango cuts a decent promo, and introduces his muscle, “Breezy Bella” and then out comes the real Nikki Bella and we get this match underway.

As predicted, 30 seconds later, and Nikki and John have both Breezango members in an AA into an STF. Wow. What was the point of this match?

Match Winner-John Cena

Match Grade-F

Match 4-Becky Lynch vs Carmella

Haven’t seen these two go at it too much as of late, hopefully this can erase the taste of Cena vs Fandango from my palate.

Natalya is sitting with the commentary team for this one, pretty sure this ends in a DQ. Carmella runs from Becky as the match starts, and then next thing I know, Natalya runs in, slugs Carmella, and there’s your DQ.  Of course, now everyone comes out , as the match at Wrestlemania features all of them. Wow two crap segments in a row. The show was so good the first hour. What happened?

Match Winner-No one

Match Grade-F

Now it’s another Miz and Maryse Total Bella parody skit.  Not as clever as the first one, but I like the puns.  Meanwhile, AJ is still waiting for Shane, and here he comes it looks like, but instead it’s actually Slater and Rhyno, who show up super late to this show apparently. Not that they have anything to do tonight anyway.

Where’s Shane? He’s actually making his way down to the ring. Shane has a black eye from last week, and still he calls out AJ, who just then gets the memo that Shane is in the ring .

AJ takes his time going to the ring, as if they told him to walk slow, as they have 7 minutes of show to kill.  AJ backpedals a bit here, trying to apologize to Shane for last week.   Says he’s going to come into the ring, apologize, and shake Shane’s hand. Shane is not here for that tonight though, and starts swinging as soon as he gets one foot in the ropes.

The action goes outside, and AJ gets the announce table ready to put Shane through it.  Shane suplexes AJ though, then hits him with a tv, and gets him on the table. Shane’s going to do an elbow drop on the table! Yes! Vintage Shane! That was awesome. Both men are later out now, as the refs come down to check on them.   Shane gets up first, looks at the fallen AJ, and points to the Wrestlemania sign as we end this week’s show.

Great start to the show, crap second half, but the AJ/Shane segment at the end made up for some of that. Final show Grade tonight:


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