Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: Justice League

Hey guys, over the weekend a new Justice League trailer dropped online, to a very polarizing reaction.  I’ve seen people that have loved the trailer, and those that say it’s the worst thing that Hollywood has put out yet.   That reaction…I don’t get..not so much.  It’s a trailer, a teaser trailer at that, the first real one, since that Comicon trailer got leaked last Summer.  It’s going to be all visuals,  not a lot of substance because there shouldn’t be substance to a teaser, the point of a teaser is to get you excited and talking about this movie that we don’t get to see for another 7 months.   And there is a lot of cool imagery at play here.   In case you didn’t see it yet, or just need a refresher, here it is.


I love the homage of sorts that I got to Empire Strikes Back with Winter Gear Bruce Wayne taking off his snow goggles and mask to show his face.  Totally got Han on Hoth vibes there.  Zack Snyder is a fan of movies, so I’m pretty sure that was intentional.     Also, how appropriate of casting is it that Joe Morton (Terminator 2, Scandal) is playing Dr. Silas Stone, the father of Cyborg (Ray Fisher)?  He probably doesn’t have a huge part in the movie, as it seems they’re going off of the New 52 Justice League, but I hope he gets some good lines in his time in the movie at least.

Speaking of father’s, it seems that we’re going to be retreading The Flash’s story with his father Henry imprisoned for the death of his mother that we saw in the tv series and in the comics.  Only difference is here instead of the original TV Barry Allen in jail it’s Billy Crudup (Watchmen, Almost Famous) in the role.  It’s an integral part of the character’s backstory in the new canon, so I wasn’t surprised to see it in there, but it’s just that the tv show handled that whole arc so well, I don’t know if we need to see it done again so soon with different actors doing the same beats that we saw on tv.   One Flash aspect that I do love is the sense of him moving through the Speed Force, that’s done differently than on tv, and it looks so cool.    That is one character I’m likely to be more critical of in this movie just because I love the show so much, but it’s a big multiverse, there’s room for two timelines for The Flashes to mess up.

I love also what we’ve seen of Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones) as Aquaman, he gives the character a new sense of a badass that we’ve never seen before in any interpretation outside of the comics, but even here is taking it up to a new level.   He’s got a real deadpan sense of humor he brings here that should work well with the rest of them.  “Dress like a bat, I dig it.” He says to Batman and Comissioner Gordon (JK Simmons-The Accountant)  near the end of the trailer, had me laughing.

One question/complaint that people bring to this trailer is, ” Where is Superman?”  And that question should be very easy to answer if you’ve been keeping up with the DC Cinematic Universe.  Superman, right now…is dead.  Doomsday killed him at the end of Batman V Superman.  He’ll be back though, obviously, maybe by the end of this movie, but for right now, he’s dead.  Let that be a “surprise” to those of us who didn’t see the Comicon promo pic last summer.


I’m loving this trailer so far, and am really hyped for this movie, but what about you guys though?  Are you with me on this one or are you not feeling this.  If so, why?  Leave some comments, share this article and follow Reel Geeks Guide over all the social media platforms.  Till next time guys, Keep It Reel.


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