Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: Spider-Man:Homecoming Trailer 2

It’s an amazing time to be a comic book/movie geek right now.  First we had the awesome Justice League teaser drop over the weekend, and just now a few hours ago we have a new look at Spider-Man: Homecoming.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll link it here, so we can get to talking.

I love the look of his suit in this movie, it’s classic Spider-Man, all the way.  Maybe more details put into the suit, but that’s still your classic Spider-Man outfit.  I love how the Stark designed suit fits itself to him like Michael J Fox’s 2015 outfit in Back to the Future Part 2.  That was a nice touch.

There seems to be a good amount of Iron Man in this movie, which really hones in on the fact that yes, this is a reboot of Spider-Man, but this time it’s proper Spidey, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he’s always belonged.  I loved the Captain America cameo in the trailer as well, it’s fitting that he would have a Fitness Challenge for the kids, that’s a very Cap thing to do.

And it seems that imdb was right in the casting news that Jacob Batalan is playing Ned Leeds, even though his character archetype and look really feel to me more like Miles Morales’ best friend Ganke from the comics, not sure why he’s Ned Leeds, that’s just weird to me as a long time Spider-Fan.  Also, according toIMDB another young actor is playing Jason Macendale, both Leeds and Macendale were the supervillain Hobgoblin at one point or another (Well the Ned Leeds/Hobgoblin thing is a bit more complicated then that  but for simplicity’s sake, he was the Hobgoblin.)    I trust Marvel and their filmmakers but those character names are from a rich part of Spider-Man history, why have them both as teenage classmates of Peter Parker?

We get a bit more of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture here, and I’m impressed so far.  We knew Keaton was a great actor, but we’ve never seen him play a supervillain before, and here, as what seems to be the dark side of a Tony Stark type, it works, as he outfits himself and his crew with tech to make them all supervillains.  I know Bokeem Woodbine is going to play The Shocker, they haven’t said who Donald Glover is playing yet but I”m pretty sure just taking  a stab at this that he’ll be playing another member of the Vulture’s crew, Hobbie Wilson/The Prowler.  Who in the comics started out as a villain but, inspired by Spider-Man became a superhero.    Or…he could be playing a character just called Miles Morales for all I know, as it seems they can be loosey goosey with naming characters.

I loved this trailer over all, and I’m hoping that Marvel/Sony don’t give us too many more trailers before this movie is released, as they haven’t given us every little detail and there’s still some surprises to be had.  It seems like third time’s the charm, we finally have a great Spider-Man movie to look forward to.  No more reboots needed for the next 20 years or so.

What did you guys think though?  Am I letting my fandom get the better of me, or does this really look Amazing…or Spectacular even?  Drop some comments and be sure to keep up with Reel Geek’s Guide on most social media outlets.


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