Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 3.28.17.

We’re coming live from Richmond, Virginia tonight, wish I’d have paid attention to that before I’d have taken this over the house show I went to last night, but that was still an amazing show, that you can see pics of on the Instagram feed.

Daniel Bryan comes out first to a huge pop to get this contract signed for the match between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon.

Shane gives AJ his props, says he’s good,  but tells him his ego is what’s holding him back from being truly great.

AJ says that this isn’t like any other match he’s done before, this Sunday it will be a traditional wrestling match, the world of AJ Styles. No tables, ladders, chairs, just wrestling. And in that world, AJ Styles rules.

The contract signed, its now time for the traditional staredown/fight, which Daniel Bryan tries to eliminate with a handshake, which Shane obliges, but AJ walks out of the ring.  I’m really looking forward to seeing their match this Sunday.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Carmella 

Ringside we have Mickie James and Alexa Bliss at commentary for this match. Becky comes out first, then James Ellsworth tries his hardest to be a serious heel as he introduces Carmella. It’s not very effective.

While the match is going on in the ring, the real show is happening ringside, as a war of words quickly turns physical between hometown hero Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Of course they soon get in the ring forcing a disqualification, and no winner here, not even the audience.

Seems I spoke too soon, as back from the break this has morphed into a tag match between Becky and Mickie vs Carmella and Alexa.

Back and forth action overall, then Natalya comes out as we go to break number 3 .  Natalya merely joins the commentary booth as the match goes on.

Mickie hits a hot tag to Becky who’s running roughshod over Carmella and Alexa. Ellsworth Trips Becky though, which sets up a quick rollup pin by Carmella. Post match, Naomi is back from injury! She’ll be in the match this Sunday! That is awesome.

Match Winner-Alexa and Carmella 

Match Grade-C

Up next it’s The Miz and Maryse with Miz Tv. And also the finale of their Total Bellas parody.  I must say, it’s compellingly hilarious. I love the ending of this segment, as The Miz and Maryse addressed Cena and Nikki directly. Great promo work, I’m actually excited for this match that on paper, seemed like a filler match.

Cena and Nikki come out to defend themselves next.  He gives props to his comedy routine, but then hits him with the truth, that most of his complaints are hollow.  At one point, he both literally and physically hits Miz below the belt.   This real promo style even has the grown men cheering for Cena here, I’m loving it.

Match 2-10 Man Tag Team Match

This match is to promote the Andre the Giant Battle Royal match which will be in the preshow of Wrestlemania this year, and it features American Alpha, Slater and Rhyno, and Mojo Rawley vs Dolph Ziggler, The Usos, and Breezango.

This show, on the whole is really lacking, the house show I went to last night had better and more matches. For a “go home” show before the biggest show of the year, this is really weak.

In the end, American Alpha and the faces pull off the win, this was the definition of a filler match.

Match Winner-American Alpha, Slater and Rhyno, and Mojo Rawley

Match Grade-D

Luke Harper cuts a promo, setting up his confrontation in a few minutes with Bray Wyatt. I saw these two go at it last night at the house show, hopefully the match is as good as the non televised one last night.

Match 3- Bray Wyatt vs Luke Harper

Bray comes out first, and then they curiously cut to commercial, like there’s only 10 minutes left , and they waste time with commercials? I’m guessing this match will also disappoint, as we lead into Wrestlemania with a meh.

Luke Harper makes his entrance after the break, showing off his new shirt he’s been wearing as of late, a black tank top instead of the dirty white one he’s had for years.

This match starts off fast and furious. Both former friends and allies going at it like bitter enemies, which I guess they are now.  The speed of Harper is something to see, the man is fast.  Seems like this is just about the exact match I saw last night, with some variations to it.

Once this Orton match is done I’d love to see these two get a proper feud in. This is the best match of the whole show.  Bray wins with a Sister Abigail, just like yesterday.

Bray kneels triumphantly, but before we’re done, Randy has one final message for Bray, getting in his head, and seemingly destroying Bray’s “powers” as the show ends.

Match Winner-Bray Wyatt

Match Grade-A-

This was overall a crap show any week, but leading into Wrestlemania this was really disappointing.  Let’s hope Wrestlemania is better this Sunday.


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