Wrestling Geek Talks NXT 3.29.17

You guys seem to enjoy my wrestling reviews, and it’s Wrestlemania week, so what better time to get back onboard the NXT hype train. I fell off on this show a few months back, so most of this roster is new to me, but I’m sure the show is just as entertaining as ever. 

We get right into it with our first match of the evening, some triple threat action.

Match 1-Johnny Gargano vs Akam vs Dash Wilder

We start things off with an unlikely alliance of Dash and Gargano trying to take out the dominating Akam. As soon as he’s knocked out of the ring the two turn on each other as these guys just can’t stand each other. 

How DIY and The Revival aren’t on the main roster yet is beyond me though, so much talent here.   

Akam soon shows us why the Authors of Pain have held those tag titles for a while now, monsters these guys are. Dawson pulls Dash from the match after getting a beating by Akam. Leaving this just a one on one match at this point.

Johnny tries going blow for blow with Akam, and he actually gets a near fall out of this, still going at him now. They don’t call this guy “Johnny Wrestling ” for nothing. 

Akam takes over for a bit, then Dawson trips up Akam leaving Dash to slip in for a quick pin on a prone Gargano for the win. Great heel tactics. 

Match Winner-Dash Wilder

Match Grade-A

We get a creepy vignette for the debut of Aleistar Black who will take on Andrade “Cien” Almas this Saturday at NXT:Takeover Orlando . I like the guys look, let’s see how he does this weekend. 

More tag team action up next with Heavy Machinery.

Match 2-Heavy Machinery vs Jobbers

These guys must be new and trying to get over with the crowd, hence they get a squash match. Not sure how I feel about these guys, two dirty looking, stocky, fat guys, like a healthier looking Natural Disasters, but let’s see how they perform in the ring. 

Tucker Knight takes on the jobber who resembles Abraham Lincoln with a manbun, gets him in a bear hug, then trades off to his partner still crushing this guy.  

Somehow gets a tag to his partner, and then they start just dominating these jobber guys, who aren’t going down without a fight it seems.  

They have speed on their side plus their dominating size, and they get the pin of course. I’m impressed with these guys, some innovative tag team wrestling on display here.

Match Winners-Heavy Machinery

Match Grade-A

Up next we have the contract signing for Asuka vs Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship match at Takeover.  I really like Ember Moon’s style, am only passingly familiar with her as I’ve been out of the NXT loop for a bit, but I love her style and personality.  She tells Asuka it’s her destiny to dethrone her as NXT Women’s Champion, before signing the contract. 

Asuka signs, tells Ember that she’s not ready, before walking away with the title.  

We get a great promo for the title match between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura, this promo is better than half the Wrestlemania promos I’ve seen so far, NXT really is the best pure wrestling show that WWE puts on. 

Speaking of promos, Paul Ellering playing Paul Heyman for the Authors of Pain still, the guys been around forever and still cuts great promos, they do the dominating, he does the scheming, just like he did with the Road Warriors back in the day. 

Up next it’s our main event. 

Match 3-Kassius Ohno vs Elias Samson Loser Leaves NXT Match

Been a while since I’ve seen a “loser leaves town” type match, this should be great. Kassius Ohno comes out first, I’m glad this guy got a second chance at being in WWE, guy is an indie legend (as Chris Hero) 

The Drifter, Elias Samson is out next. I’ve heard rumors about him making the main roster soon, this could be the storyline vehicle for it. 

Ohno is dominating the early goings of this match, this guy has talent, agility, speed, and size, like a slightly more fit Kevin Owens.  

Also, props to NXT for giving their main event main event time to do a match, not like Raw and Smackdown giving like 5 minutes to a main event match. 

The match gets more evenly fought as we go on here, both men trading blows.  Ohno getting a near fall after an impressive big boot.  Then Samson almost pulls off a win but the ref caught his feet on the ropes.  

A series of near falls happens, but in the end Ohno hits Samson with an impressive Rolling Elbow and the 1-2-3. Bye bye Drifter, see you on the main roster soon maybe. 

Samson is stunned, he can’t believe he lost, and security has to come to escort him from the arena. He says he wants to get his guitar, but it turns out that Ohno is in the ring once more and has his guitar, who offers it to him, but steps on it and smashes it as we close out our show. 

Match Winner-Kassius Ohno

Match Grade-A

Great show overall, that’s how you do a go home show before a ppv guys. Wow. NXT always outshining the main roster. I need to watch this on the regular. See you Saturday for my NXT:Takeover Orlando coverage. 

Show Grade-A 


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