Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 4.4.17

Time was, after the Raw after Mania, it was back to normal, now once more, we should have a great show to set up what comes next tonight, keeping this momentum going from Sunday one more time.

Randy Orton, our new WWE Champion comes out to the ring first to a huge pop from the crowd.  Randy declares that Bray has no power over him, and it is in fact he that is the master. 

Bray appears on the Titantron, saying he wants his title back, but he wants a different kind of fight, something that will change him physically and mentally.  He wants Orton in a “House of Horrors match” whatever that is. Seems this feud, no, this war is only beginning. I dig it. 

Orton accepts his challenge, but wants to face him in the ring, to which Bray appears behind him, and attacks. Not long after that Erick Rowan returns with a new sheep mask, and starts attacking Orton as well. 

Next thing we know Luke Harper is out, joining the fray. He pushes Rowan out of the way, and goes straight for Bray.  The Wyatt Family leaves the ring leaving Harper and Orton standing in the ring together. Guess later tonight we’ll have a tag team match playa. Holla holla holla!

Miz and Maryse are backstage, tonight they call out Cena and Nikki one more time before next week’s Superstar Shakeup, to which Miz promises this will be the last time we will see Cena and Nikki on Smackdown Live in a long time after tonight. 

Match 1-Smackdown Women’s Championship match Naomi vs Alexa Bliss

I was so happy to see Naomi return to Smackdown Live last week, and happier still to see her regain her championship title in her hometown of Orlando, let’s hope this is the start of a long title reign. 

Naomi comes out first in the best entrance on Smackdown today. Alexa is out next, looking ready for a fight.   Naomi still has the hometown advantage so to speak tonight though, so it’s not going to be an easy fight for Bliss.

Alexa going after the recently injured knee of Naomi, smart strategy there.  Alexa in control of this match so far,  but Naomi isn’t done yet.  She hits a huge kick on Alexa that gets her a near fall for her troubles. 

Naomi gets the win with the same submission hold she won the title with on Sunday, so her celebration, and title reign will continue in her hometown of Orlando.

Match Winner-Naomi

Match Grade-B

Back from the break, Curt Hawkins issues an open challenge to anyone in the back, and out comes Tye Dillinger, making his Smackdown debut to a huge pop from the crowd. 10 chants fill the arena. 

Match 2-Curt Hawkins vs Tye Dillinger 

So glad to see the “Perfect 10” on the main roster finally.  If you haven’t seen NXT you’re in for a treat.  Dillinger showing Hawkins and the WWE Universe that 10 isn’t just a nickname, it’s a how he performs in the ring. It’s a squash match, but it’s a perfect showcase of this great talent. 

Match Winner-Tye Dillinger

Match Grade-10, I mean A

Mojo Rawley is backstage gets interviewed backstage about his win of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, and his celebration with Rob Gronkowski post victory.  He says the bar has been raised, and now it’s time to put some weight on it.

John Cena is out next, well, fake Cena as played by The Miz, along with Maryse as Nikki Bella, this is amazing. Total Bella’s BS Live! 

Fake Cena proposes to Fake Nikki in the ring, echoing the real proposal of the real Cena and Nikki this past Sunday.  And then they announce they’re leaving WWE for Hollywood, to huge cheers from the crowd. He leads them in a No More Cena chant and is about to leave but a violinist appears, heralding the Smackdown debut of Shinsuke Nakamura! Yes! 

Miz and Maryse leave the ring, leaving Shinsuke and the crowd to enjoy his debut on the blue brand.  He doesn’t say anything, but he really doesn’t have to.  The King of Strong Style is on Smackdown! 

Match 3-Intercontinental Championship Match

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

Corbin comes out first, ready for this second chance to take the title from Dean Ambrose, only difference between this and the last time is that it’s a street fight tonight. 

Corbin wasting no time here, taking the fight to Ambrose from corner to corner.  Before long though, this street fight leaves the ring, Ambrose hitting a suicide dive to Corbin outside the ring, knocking him over the table, and soon after that, into the crowd. 

After the break a lot has happened it seems, there’s chairs all over the ring, and a table set up in the corner, which is soon broken, as Corbin slams both him and Ambrose into it. 

This is a pretty evenly split match, both men aren’t giving the other an inch. They fight toe to toe, fist to fist, no squash match here. 

In the end, with a thrown chair and the End of Days, Baron Corbin picks up the win and the title. Your neeeww Intercontinental Champion, Baron Corbin!

Match Winner-Baron Corbin 

Match Grade-A

Shane comes out next to address the crowd, to inform us of what Vince’s Superstar Shakeup announcement means.  He says that any superstar on the Raw roster should be praying they end up on Smackdown, as they have created the land of opportunity. AJ Styles comes out next to question this statement. 

I can’t help but notice that AJ’s new shirt is red lettering instead of blue, a hint at the show he’ll be on after next Monday?

He says that he doesn’t want to go anywhere, as everyone knows that Smackdown Live is the house that AJ Styles built.  He offers Shane a handshake as a show of respect after their amazing match at Wrestlemania, and leaves the ring. 

Match 4-Randy Orton and Luke Harper vs The Wyatt Family

It’s main event time, and The Wyatt Family is up first. I hear rumors that Harper will be rejoining the Family as early as tonight, but I hope not, he’s had some growth since leaving, and I think he can be a great superstar on his own merit. 

Speaking of the devil, Luke Harper is out next. He stares down his former brothers in the ring, as the WWE Champ, Randy Orton makes his entrance. 

Rowan is towering over Randy Orton, who attempts an RKO but is quickly blocked in the attempt. 

After the break, Luke Harper gets the chance to fight, and fight he does, causing Bray to leave the ring, setting up a suicide dive to Rowan outside the ring.  

This match is so fast paced, I can’t even write and keep track of this thing, but let’s just say it’s awesome. 

Eventually Bray gets the upper hand on Harper, tagging in Rowan to continue the destruction of Luke Harper. Meanwhile Randy Orton is biding his time in the corner, like a snake , or a Viper in the grass. 

Luke Harper manages to hit the tag to Orton who comes in on a hot streak, setting up the RKO to Bray, but then the Wyatt creepy flash comes on the screen, and the screen goes dark for a second.  Is this the turn? 

The lights come back on , and Bray is nowhere to be seen, Harper comes in tries to get Orton, but Harper hits a boot to Rowan, and Randy hits the RKO for the pin and the win! 

As we leave the first Smackdown Live After Mania, Orton and Harper stand triumphant. After Monday’s Superstar Shakeup who knows what the landscape of WWE will look like but it looks like it’s going to be great. 

Match Winners-Randy Orton and Luke Harper 

Match Grade-B

Show Grade-A 


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