Wrestling Geek’s Talking Raw 4.10.17

Alright it’s time for the Superstar Shakeup, let’s see where things go. I’m also excited to see Kurt Angle as the Raw GM. Should be a good one tonight.

We start off tonight with The Miz and Maryse as Fake Cena and Nikki Bella. This is awesome. I love this whole shtick, it’s hilarious.

Looks like The Miz and Maryse aren’t the only ones joining Raw, as Dean Ambrose comes out, with the Intercontinental Championship.  So far I’m liking the new shakeups. All members of The Shield are on one brand for right now. Will we get a reunion?

A backstage segment with Kurt Angle, Sami Zayn and The Miz leads to a match for later tonight, should be fun.

Match 1-New Day vs The Revival 

Now here’s a feud I never would have seen coming, but I like it. I still say that Dash and Dawson would be a better fit on Smackdown but I’m cool with this.

It’s just Xavier and Big E, as Kofi was taken out by Dash and Dawson last week, so it’s an even two on two match.

Xavier is going up first, taking it to The Revival, as Xavier and Big E are using an innovative double team offense. But two can play at that game, and The Revival do the same to Woods as we go to break.

It’s a pretty one sided affair, Revival just dominating. That is until Woods hits Big E with the hot tag, and Big E comes in like a house aflame, taking them both on.

Xavier tags back in, hits an incredible 20 feet across elbow drop from the top rope.  In the end Xavier tries to hit another aerial attack, and gets hit with The Revival’s Shatter Machine finisher for the 1-2-3.

Match Winner-The Revival

Match Grade-A

Impressive match from both teams, saw some new stuff out of New Day, and The Revival looked great as well. These guys are on their way to being top guys for sure.

Backstage, TJ Perkins calls out Neville to challenge him for a match. I hope he gets the title back at some point, he’s one of the best wrestlers on 205 Live.

Neville tries to convince him to join him, but Austin Aries tries to convince him that Neville is lying to him, but this could sow the seeds for a heel turn.

Curt Hawkins is the next Smackdown superstar joining the Raw brand, who gets squashed by The Big Show really quickly. So he can job over here now instead of Smackdown. Ok.

Match 2- Austin Aries vs TJ Perkins 

Neville is on commentary for this match.  Likely to sew more discontent within Perkins.  Aries has control of this fight in the early goings. But Perkins isn’t just lying down for this one.

Some good back and forth action here, but Aries seems to have the upper hand overall. Aries copies one of Neville’s moves, which angers Neville enough to come down to the ring, which distracts Austin , leads them back into the ring, which Perkins uses to hit him with a roll up pin for the win.

After the match TJ Perkins attacks Austin Aries , guess that heel turn was sooner coming then I expected.  Seemed a little bit rushed but it’s interesting.

Match Winner-TJ Perkins 

Match Grade-B

Up next Seth Rollins is out to address the crowd. This time , it’s how he should have been after he came back from injury the first time, a true face turn. He thanks the crowd for having his back, he says he’s not going anywhere, he still has some business to handle on Raw, namely Samoa Joe for one, and to get his hands back on the Universal Championship for two.

Kurt Angle comes out, says that Stephanie did want Rollins removed, but Angle wants him on the show. They shake hands, but then Samoa Joe comes out and attacks Rollins from behind. It’s cool to see Joe and Angle in the same ring again, I must say.

Match 3- Charlotte Flair vs Nia Jax

Nia turned face last week, attacking Charlotte post match, which I like. She’s a great body positive role model for young girls and women out there today.

The two women square off, and Nia gets the upper hand really quickly. Charlotte gets some offense in, but it’s nothing compared to the power of Nia Jax.

This is a totally new thing, seeing the 5 time Women’s Champion dominated like this.  Charlotte gets some more offense in, hitting the back of the knee of Nia, then hitting her with the Natural Selection finishing move, but only gets a near fall.

Nia out of the ring, Charlotte hits an aerial attack on her, nearly getting a count out victory, but again, nearly.

Nia hits a Samoan Drop on Charlotte and gets the win.  This is a whole new Women’s scene on Raw, and I love it.

Match Winner-Nia Jax

Match Grade-B

Match 4-Jinder Mahal vs Finn Balor

I’ve been a Finn Balor fan since NXT, and I’ve been also waiting since last summer to see Balor truly make an impact on Monday Night Raw.  And now is that time it seems.

Jinder and Finn just going right at it here, really kicking up the pace of the action on the show.  I expected a squash match, but this is nearly an evenly fought match.  Well..it was, til Finn got his Coup De Gras move in there, 1-2-3, it’s a wrap.

Match Winner-Finn Balor

Match Grade-B

Wait, Bray Wyatt is on Raw now? He appears on the monitor, saying at Payback he will be challenging Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in his House of Horrors match that he brought up on Smackdown last week.  This just got even better.

But wait..so Smackdown doesn’t have any titles anymore except for their titles?  This can’t be right.

Apollo Crews also will be joining the Raw brand, along with Kalisto, as well as Rhyno and Heath Slater.   Ok, some minor trades here.

Match 5-The Miz vs Sami Zayn

The Miz comes out first, with Maryse. Next up it’s the Underdog from the Underground, Sami Zayn.   Miz backs down from the match early on, choosing not to fight. Typical Miz.

Match Winner-Sami Zayn

Match Grade-F

They announce that later tonight we have Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens, Champion vs Champion.

Reigns is getting interviewed in the back by Michael Cole, who expresses respect for The Undertaker, but says it’s his yard now and he is the big dog.  He gets attacked at this point by the biggest dog, Braun Strowman, in a pretty brutal attack. Not even security can stop the monster among men as he destroys Roman Reigns.

The EMT’s come out with a stretcher as the crowd chants “Thank you Strowman!” I don’t think this is going how Vince wanted it to. Just turn him heel already.  He’s not getting any sympathy from these fans.

He’s on the stretcher, and Braun throws the stretcher off a ramp and walks off. This is like attitude era stuff, I love it.

The EMT’s eventually get Roman to the ambulance, but Braun still isn’t finished, and he literally tosses the ambulance on its side! He’s a supervillain!  Yes! This made the show.

Back from break, and the EMT’s are pulling Roman from the broken ambulance into a new one, this time for good.  Vince must think this will get Roman sympathy, but it just made a hero out of Strowman.

Match 6-Gallows and Anderson and the Shining Stars vs Sheamus and Cesaro and The Hardy Boyz

They sure came out with new Hardy Boyz shirts quick, but I dig it.  While they get the match going on, Elias Samson, The Drifter formerly from NXT, is wandering about the entrance ramp.

Fast paced match as we get going, hard to keep track of but Sheamus and Cesaro are using some great tag team work. It’s so awesome to see Matt and Jeff in the WWE again, they’ve gotten only better with age.

Match Winners-The Hardy Boyz and Sheamus and Cesaro

Match Grade-A

Post match, The Hardys and Sheamus and Cesaro shake hands. Allies tonight, opponents at Payback in three weeks.

Backstage, a newly confident Dana Brooke is confronted by her former ally Emma, and she tells her off, she may have once been her protege, but now she’s her own woman.  I think she can do good things on her own, let’s see if she can get over with the crowd.

Sasha Banks comes out to the ring now to introduce her best friend, the Raw Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Bayley thanks  the fans for always having her back.  Sasha congratulates Bayley for her Wrestlemania accomplishment but now she wants to challenge her for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Before she can finish her sentence though, Alexa Bliss, the two time Smackdown Women’s Champion is here now and ready to make an impact. But also, so is Mickie James it seems.  Is everyone on Raw now?

Nia Jax runs through Mickie James and gets in the ring, and it’s a free for all now, Nia wants the Raw women’s title as well, and I think she’s got a good chance at getting it.

Match 7-Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose Champion vs Champion 

Kevin Owens comes out first, the Champion of America.  Dean Ambrose out next, and the bell has barely rung before they’re going at it like cats and dogs.

The match quickly goes outside the ring, back in, then back out again.  Back from break, Owens had control, but you can never keep the Lunatic Fringe down for long.

Owens is choking out Ambrose in the center of the ring, saying he’s the #1 champ on Raw, which he is certainly making a strong case for tonight.

Ambrose hits a unique move on Owens, puts KO crotch first on the ropes, then hits him with a Lariat punch from the top rope.

So many near falls in this match from both sides, you’d think one of their titles was on the line.  In the end Dean Ambrose pulls off the win, hitting a Dirty Deeds on Kevin Owens for the win.

Jericho comes out next with his light up jacket back in action, and hits a codebreaker on Owens, sending a message as we wait for Payback in three weeks.  Now the question just remains, who from Raw is going to Smackdown?

Match Winner- Dean Ambrose 

Match Grade-A

Great Raw tonight, best one in a long time. Smackdown Live has its work cut out for them for sure.

Show Grade-A


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