Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Now, I’m usually fairly up to date with what movies are getting made/coming out and such, but every now and then something slips by my radar.  And even further still, sometimes something comes out that you didn’t think you needed to exist, but when it happens you’re so glad that it does.    In this case, I’m talking about Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson doing an R rated action comedy together.  I’m talking about, The Hitman’s Bodyguard.   Here’s the trailer.


Holy crap how great was that?  If you like Sam Jackson at his most mothaf***** inest and Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds this is like Christmas came early.   It’s your classic buddy movie but with these two actors.  We might not be getting Deadpool 2 yet but this could be the next best thing.     They have great comedic timing together, and while this is just the teaser trailer so we don’t really know too much about what the plot is, other than Ryan Reynolds is a bodyguard who was hired to keep Samuel L Jackson’s character alive, who happens to be one of the best hitmen on the planet.  That’s really all that I need myself to know that I need to see this movie.


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