Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: Star Wars-The Last Jedi

I spent the better part of last week checking YouTube and social media for the release of the first teaser trailer to this Christmas’ next chapter in the Star Wars saga, Episode VIII-The Last Jedi.  I wasn’t able to attend Star Wars Celebration but I did catch most of the big panels livestreaming online which I watched, laughed, cried, and geeked out over.

But the big one, this trailer didn’t drop until the climax of Friday’s panel specifically about this movie.  It was a great panel, host Josh Gad asked questions of the cast of the movie and the director, all leading up to the reveal of the teaser….poster.


Which was an amazing poster, but still millions of fans were slightly let down, for about a split second, before dropping the trailer, which if you didn’t see it yet,  I’ll link here.


Wow…that is the definition of a teaser trailer, as that just teases the crap out of us with what’s to come.  Seems like this will be in the fine tradition of Star Wars films past of the second movie in the trilogy being where things really start going down, revelations will become abound, hands will get chopped off, it’s going to be great.

Can’t help but speculate though on what little we hear from Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke (Mark Hamill) ‘s dialogue.  “Light, dark…the balance….it’s so much bigger.” Rey says, telling Luke the visions she’s had during her force meditation.    A friend of mine had a theory when the prequels were out that Anakin did indeed bring balance to the force as prophesied by limiting the playing field for the Force.  Pre Anakin it was Light Side of the Force billions of users, Dark Side of the Force…2 users.    Post Jedi Purge it was Light Side of the Force  Two Users, Dark Side of the Force 2 users.  It’s balanced.     Much like in life you need the dark as much as you need the light, nobody is any one thing, it’s all shades of grey.

And it seems like maybe we could be seeing shades of that theory expanded on in this movie.   Luke says at the trailer’s end “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end.”  Some take this to mean that there will be a plot twist and perhaps Luke has gone dark side after all this time and he will be the real villain behind it all, but I don’t think they’ll do something like that.  I mean, they just killed off Han Solo at the end of the last movie.  I don’t foresee them completely destroying the old characters one by one like the 1980s Transformers Movie.      But I think Luke will have realized that The Force isn’t as binary as Light or Dark side, but maybe time for a new order, the Grey Jedi perhaps, who go between light and dark side, or maybe this is something all together new.

We don’t get too much from this trailer just that stuff is going down, Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie-Game of Thrones) survived the trash compactor the last time we saw her and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver-Girls) has a sweet looking scar now after his battle with Rey, which is great news on both fronts, and  we’re going to be in for a treat this Christmas.  What a time to be alive, I tell you.  It’s amazing.


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