Wrestling Geek’s Talking Raw 4.17.17.

The Superstar Shakeup has come and gone, now let’s see what happens in this new landscape of the WWE Universe.

We start off the show tonight with Braun Strowman, gloating about what he did to Roman Reigns last week, which was really impressive I must say, flipping the ambulance was very attitude era.

He says he’s proud he broke Roman Reigns in half last week, and proud to say that Roman will not be here tonight, much to the delight of the crowd.  He says now that that’s done, he’ll tear a way through the entire locker room.

Kurt Angle, the Raw GM has something to say about that.  Angle says that he’ll be facing Roman Reigns at Payback, and tonight, Braun should be suspended, but he’ll just give him the night off instead.  Braun Strowman wants to fight though, and I agree with him.  I’m sure he’s not done yet tonight.

Seth Rollins comes out next, to address his competition at Payback with Samoa Joe, taking the commentary booth for the Chris Jericho match.

Match 1-Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe comes out first, and has a staredown with Rollins at the commentary booth before making his way to the ring.

Y2J is as much of a ring veteran as Joe, and in these early goings, he has Samoa Joe right where he wants him, always one step ahead.

So far this is a one sided affair almost, Joe getting little offense in against the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.  Jericho gets the walls of Jericho on Joe, but Joe refuses to tap out. Joe counters that with his Coquina Clutch , the move that’s out every person he’s put in this hold out of business. Jericho lasts longer than most, but taps in the end.

Match Winner-Samoa Joe

Match Grade-D

After the match, Joe calls out Seth Rollins.  He reminds him and us of how he snapped his legs when he showed up on Raw, and how much he enjoyed that.

Up next it’s supposed to be Gallows and Anderson vs The Golden Truth, but while we’re still promoting that match, Braun Strowman attacks The Golden Truth, more like destroys them, saying he said he’d go through everyone.

Gallows and Anderson still want to fight though, and I was hoping that this would be when Slater and Rhyno make their Raw debut, so Gallows and Anderson could win a match for once, but instead it’s Enzo and Cass , so pretty sure their losing streak continues.

Match 2-Gallows and Anderson vs Enzo and Cass

Big Cass taking it to Anderson right from the start, Enzo and Cass using some unique double team strategy to maintain control as this fight gets underway.

As a Bullet Club fan I hate what WWE has done to Gallows and Anderson, this is ridiculous, they deserve so much better than jobbing to Enzo and Cass on a weekly basis.

Gallows eventually gets some offense in,  then some double team offense of their own, taking control for a bit, before the standard hot tag from Cass, usual shtick, and they nearly have it won, but Gallows tosses Enzo on to the top turnbuckle and picking up a pin.

Match Winners-Gallows and Anderson

Match Grade-B

Now it’s time for Miz TV, with special guest Dean Ambrose. Ambrose gets some cheap Pops by mentioning being in his home state of Ohio.

Miz gets some good points in saying that the reason he is better than Ambrose is because he carries himself like a star, and Ambrose is merely a wrestler, and a complacent one at that.

And Ambrose in return cuts one of the best promos with the most passion I’ve seen from him since Seth Rollins betrayed him and The Shield.

Miz continues to berate what Ambrose is and does, as does his wife Maryse, but Ambrose is tired of talking, and attacks him leading to an altercation in the ring.

Meanwhile Braun continues his path of destruction, dragging around Kalisto, until Big Show knocks him down, yelling at him to pick on someone his own size.

Match 3-TJ Perkins vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher 

TJ Perkins has had a change of heart as of late as we saw last week, turning against the WWE Universe, and siding with the champion, Neville.

Neville himself makes an appearance in the ring, to hype up TJP, and to watch the match from ringside , but also Austin Aries comes out too also sitting at ringside.

Slow paced match at first, a series of submission holds from both parties like Olympic style, but the action soon picks up, and quick, both men going at each other at full speed.   Back and forth action from these two, neither one really in control of the match.

Gallagher hits his famous head butt attack, knocking TJ to the floor, before using his “Mary Poppins attack from the top rope using his umbrella.

In the end though, TJ Perkins picks up the win by hitting Gallagher with the detonation kick and the pin.

Match Winner-TJ Perkins 

Match Grade-C

We get a Hardy Boyz interview, seems like they’re mixing in some of the “broken ” stuff but not enough to get sued by Anthem, I love it.

Sheamus and Cesaro come out next to welcome them to Raw and give them their props and to talk a little smack to their Payback opponents.

Match 4-Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James vs Nia Jax

This match is to determine the number one contender for Bayley’s Raw Women’s Championship. I’m a fan of all four of these women, but I’m hoping that this is Nia’s time to shine, she’s not only a dominant athlete but also a great body positive role model for young girls and women out there.

Nia Jax showing dominance early on, but Alexa Bliss isn’t going to go down without a fight. Mickie and Sasha going for a temporary alliance, taking Nia and Alexa out of the ring, leaving them two alone in the ring.

The two women are pretty evenly matched, both of them throwing each other around the ring.  Nia is still destroying all of these women overall though.

Alexa Bliss hits a well timed attack on Nia after her dominating the rest of the women in the match, and so in two weeks it’ll be Alexa Bliss be Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Match Winner-Alexa Bliss

Match Grade-B

Curt Hawkins once again calls for an open challenge, who’s going to squash him this week? It’s Finn Balor! I didn’t expect him this week, thought he was out with a concussion for two weeks.

Match 5-Curt Hawkins vs Finn Balor

It’s a quick a squash match as you can expect, like a a Goldberg match, chop to put Hawkins on the ground, Balor climbs the top rope, Coup De Gracie and the pin.

Match Winner-Finn Balor

Match Grade-D

Bray Wyatt has a new promo video hyping his House of Horrors match with Randy Orton in two weeks at Payback.  He says unlike the rest of us, he controls fear itself.  I still have no idea what the hell this match will be but I fear the worst, like an all taped match, like TNA’s Final Deletion, or The Rock and Mankind Empty Arena match.   He does get a good homage to Stephen King’s It in there, telling Randy “It all burns down here.”

Match 6-Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro 

This should be great, for the first time in 8 years, Jeff Hardy in solo action.  Jeff’s in control early on, hits his top rope attack, but Cesaro is no pushover.

This match is unlike anybody other match Jeff has had since his return to WWE, this is a real knock down drag out, a real slobber knocker as JR would say.  Both these men giving it their all, this could be the match of the show here.

Jeff pulls off the win in the end, hitting his twist of fate for the win.

Match Winner-Jeff Hardy

Match Grade-A

Post match, Sheamus and Cesaro shake the Hardys hands in a show of respect to the tag champs, great move.

Match 7-Braun Strowman vs The Big Show

These two have gone toe to toe before, and put on a great show last time, can they give us a proper main event again?

They don’t waste any time here, as Braun charges at Show as he’s making his entrance and tossing him into the steel steps.

The match gets officially underway, and we go back outside once more, taking out the other set of steps now too.

Strowman has massive strength, but these guys, both of them have speed and agility on their sod too, it’s quite impressive.

Big Show slams Strowman and its like Hogan slamming Andre, if both men were Titans.  Braun follows this with a suplex out of Brock Lesnar’s playbook.

Both men are tired now, it’s time for a top rope suplex, or at least I thought that’d happen, but it turns into an attempted jump attack by Strowman into a chokeslam by Big Show, but Braun isn’t done yet.

Braun hits his finisher, only gets a two count for his trouble.  They attempt the suplex again from the top rope, and Strowman counters it again. I just really want to see the ring collapse again. It’s expected now but still, it’d be awesome.

Big Show hits his knockout punch, and that doesn’t put this monster down, what will it take? Big Show is going for a top rope move?! Braun goes into the top rope suplex and yes! The ring implodes! We’ve seen it before but not in years! For some kids this is their first mind blowing time seeing this happen!

Strowman gets to his feet somehow, this man is a monster! And he essentially wins this match.

Match Winner-Braun Strowman

Match Grade-A

Good Raw tonight, didn’t even check my watch this whole show, and to close the show with an OMG Moment like that is a great touch.

Show Grade-B


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