Food Geek Review: Cakes and Concessions Food Truck


It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to do one of these food truck reviews, and I’m glad to be bringing it back, my first food truck review of 2017.  I went to the Southhampton County Renaissance Fair, and one of their food vendors they had there was Cakes and Concessions Food Truck.

First off I love the distinct look of the food truck, it’s a big purple school bus, you can’t miss it.   That will catch your eye, even in a sea of food trucks.  And once you’re there, you’re in for a real treat.  They do just what the name says on the trucks,  cakes, and concessions.  It’s your standard stadium concession food, but at a good price.

You definitely get your money’s worth with their food, which tastes amazing.  I had the Chicken Fingers basket, and usually I’ll snap a picture before I get down to the business of eating the food, but it was so good after taking just a bite I had to devour the rest of the food, true story.  And this usually never happens, especially not when I’m trying to write about the food that I’m going to eat.

I’ve had my fair share of Chicken Fingers over the years, and the ones I had here rank up there with the best of them.  They were perfectly battered, cooked to perfection, and so tasty you don’t even need any condiments.  I had my condiment of choice, Honey Mustard with them and the fries, but if I didn’t have that option, it would be just as good.

They also do a variety of other concessions as well, if you’re in for a burger, they have you covered there.  Hot dogs, nachos, cheese fries, it’s all there, and I’m sure the rest is all as good as the meal I had.

That’s the concessions side of things, how about the cakes?  You might ask.  Well, the cakes are just as awesome.  I had, and I really wish I took a picture of the cake, but again, so good it didn’t even make hipster/writer picture time before I got into it.  They have a few varieties of cakes, all conveniently put into cups for easy eating on the go.  It’s a set of two cakes, with a few different options. Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Cookies and Cream Cake, Strawberry Cake,  it’s your pick of some great cakes.  Oh, and they have Cheesecake as well.

The cake that I had was the Oreo Cookies and Cream cake, which was just spectacular, and in addition to the frosting, there was an Oreo on top of the cake, which was the cherry on top but better than a cherry, because it’s an Oreo.

Keep an eye out for this truck if you’re in the Southhampton area, and keep an eye out for them on their Facebook Page Cakes Concessions, to find out where they will be next.


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