Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 5.2.17.

We start off the show with Jinder getting his championship photo shoot on before properly winning the title. He’s interrupted by Shane, who says not to get too comfortable, as he has a match with Sami Zayn tonight.

Post intro, Shane comes out to address the crowd.  He welcomes the latest member of the roster, the new United States Champion, Chris Jericho.

The crowd in Fresno is loving that Y2J is on the Blue Brand now.  He declares this the new Show of Jericho, Smack it Down, maannnnn!

Shane says that tonight his first Smackdown match will be against his nemesis, Kevin Owens. Right on cue, the number one contender, AJ Styles shows up.

AJ says that he’s standing now, in the house that AJ Styles built! And he wants to take that title from him at Backlash, if he’s still the champ after tonight’s match.

AJ is about to make The List of Jericho for doubting his chances, but Kevin Owens interrupts this, yelling at them that he will take that title back from Jericho tonight!

AJ starts to attack KO after this, he’s had enough, and security comes to break this up as we go to break.

Match 1-Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal 

Sami comes out first, then Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers. I like Jinder’s new entrance and this new feel for him. He feels like a legit threat to Randy Orton right now.

Jinder in control early on, but it’s far from a one sided affair.  Sami is taking the fight to Jinder, but so is Jinder to Sami.  These guys are putting on a real clinic here. Jinder gets the win after a distraction by Samir Singh.

Match Winner-Jinder Mahal

Match Grade-B

Backstage, The Welcoming Commitee is trying to sway Becky Lynch to join their side against Charlotte, whom I’m guessing is face now by default.

Match 2- Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger 

English it seems is back to his Drama King gimmick, which is what he was doing on NXT before The Vaudevillians shtick.  He’s interrupted by Dillinger’s entrance in mid song, which starts off this match with an aggressive frustration, not that it’s helping much.

Tye hits his Perfect 10 stomp in the corner, and his finisher and this one is all over. Aiden English is crying in the ring after his loss.

Match Winner-Tye Dillinger 

Match Grade-D

Chris Jericho has a funny segment backstage with a dramatic crying Aiden English, as English just made the List.

Charlotte is assaulted backstage by the Welcoming Commitee, I guess trying to get face sympathy on Charlotte.

Match 3-Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella

Naomi was supposed to tag with Charlotte but this may end up being a handicap match after the assault on Charlotte.

And it is just that, she’s at a disadvantage here. She refuses to back down though, and can hold her own against Carmella though.  Single handedly even.

Now she’s up against Natalya. This one is more of a fight. Natalya and Carmella hit a double team attack on Naomi, who’s been weakened by Natalya’s offense.

Naomi is getting beat down here but then Charlotte comes staggering down to the ring, making this a tag team match after all.

That sympathy angle worked , as the crowd is totally behind Charlotte right now.

Charlotte isn’t at 100% obviously, and now Carmella is in control. Charlotte hits the hot tag to Naomi, who is taking on all comers right now.

Carmella steals the victory with a roll up on a distracted Naomi, and then this becomes a beat down by The Welcoming Committee on Charlotte and Naomi. Becky comes out now, but to assist the Committee or to help Charlotte?

It seems she’s joined the Committee, as she shakes the hands of nearly all the members, but attacks James Ellsworth, and gets beaten down by the crew like the rest of them.

Match Winner-Natalya and Carmella

Match Grade-A

This whole story with the women is some of the best stuff I’ve seen on the show with them in a while.

Match 4- Dolph Ziggler vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara has a new aquamarine wrestling suit now, which is on the offset the most interesting thing about this match.

Ziggler wins with a super kick.

Match Winner-Ziggler 

Match Grade-D

Oh my god..we get a Law and Order parody skit with Breezango , the Fashion Police. This is amazing!

Match 5-Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

United States Championship Match

This should be a great main event, these two always put on a good match.  The two former best friends waste no time as they go right after each other as the bell rings.  These two fight all over the ring and outside it as well, one hell of a match for the main event.

Jericho gets KO in the Walls of Jericho, but Owens manages to reach the ropes, breaking the hold, just barely.

These two men have to be exhausted by this point. Outside the ring, Owens hits Jericho with a super kick and a DDT to the outside concrete before dragging him into the ring and hitting him with a second super kick. Only gets a two count for his trouble somehow though.

Jericho hits a rollup, but that’s not enough, then Owens hits Y2J with a Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.

Match Winner-Kevin Owens

Match Grade-A

Post match the paramedics are attending to the wounded Jericho, but Owens isn’t done with him yet and attacks him further, thusly “injuring” Jericho and ending his run in WWE, so Jericho can go on tour with Fozzy. I know this because they’re playing my town this Friday, so it’s all a bit obvious. I’m sure he’ll be back sooner or later though.

Still though, that thing he did with the chair to Jericho into the ring post looked brutal. Great way to get heel heat on Owens and a way to take Jericho off tv for a while.

Show Grade-B


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