Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: The Defenders/The Dark Tower

It’s time once more for another trailer talk, where I let you know about the coolest trailers that just dropped and I talk about em a bit.  And today two very cool trailers dropped, one for Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders, and the other for the long awaited movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.  Let’s get into it shall we.

The Defenders-

As usual, here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it yet.


Right off the bat in this trailer, we get a scene that we’ve basically been waiting for, well I have at least, the entire time that we’ve had these other Marvel shows on Netflix.  Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter-Breaking Bad)  is being questioned by Misty Knight (Simone Missick), when her interrogation is interrupted by Matt Murdock ( Charlie Cox-Starlight) who says that he’s her lawyer.

It seems that despite how Luke Cage ended it’s first season, with him being arrested for crimes he didn’t commit, he’s out on the streets again by this show because he needs to be for plot reasons.  And then we get to see the meeting of “Power Man” and Iron Fist (Finn Jones-Game of Thrones) and of course,  in fine Marvel tradition, when two heroes meet for the first time they have to fight.  I must say, just within  these 45 seconds of trailer are already more compelling to me than the majority of Iron Fist‘s first season.

I should disclose here that I have yet to finish watching Iron Fist, in part because it’s not written well, and in part because there’s just too much stuff out there for me to watch to keep up with everything.  I’m going to try to finish it up though soon to get a review out there, but we’ll see when that happens.

Looks like Daredevil’s old mentor Stick (Scott Glenn) will be returning to mentor, or at least get these heroes to team up in order to take down…well we don’t know who from this trailer, other than that it’s Sigourney Weaver playing the Big Bad, who’s listed as Alexandra on the IMDB page.  Though, with the resurrection of Elektra (Elodie Yung-GI Joe: Retaliation) I’m sure The Hand is involved somehow, as they’ve been involved in 2 out of the 4 shows going into this so far.

And lastly we get the now traditional hallway fight scene that is a staple of the Netflix Marvel shows.   I’m really looking forward to this show, can’t wait to see it when it drops this August on Netflix.

Trailer Grade- A

The Dark Tower

Now, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one for a while now.  Also, I should preface this by saying all I’ve read thus far of this series is the first 2 and a half books or so.  I’ve loved what I’ve read, but have yet to go out and read the others in the series, or the other apocryphal stories, as this series at times can be a big crossover through all of Stephen King’s oeuvre as an author.

I liked what I read a while back about this movie, that it’s not so much a straight adaptation of the stories but rather a loose sequel/reboot of sorts, as there’s an item in the book series called The Horn of Eld, which allows for time to be rewritten, kind of like that button in Galaxy Quest.  Here’s an article I found that can explain this better than I can as a casual fan of the series.

Essentially, this means that the movie(s) will take kind of a JJ Abrams Star Trek approach to the series, the original stories still happen, but this is a new canon so things can happen much differently this go around than how they did in the last cycle, which I enjoy.    The books are the books, the movies will be their own animal.  Here’s that trailer.


We get the bare bones introduction of what the Gunslingers were, they were the Jedi Knights of their world essentially, protectors for generations.  And now they are all but lost, save for one, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba)   We then see a 12 year old named Jake (Tom Taylor)  being interviewed by his psychologist, and he relates to him the visions he sees of the Dark Tower, who tells him these dreams aren’t real.

Jake finds a building that looks exactly like one he drew from a dream, and finds a portal to another world, the world of the Gunslinger, inside.  He meets Roland, and recognizes him from his dreams as well, and Roland gives him the Three Musketeers line that the heroes he’s seeking are long since departed, and there aren’t anymore gunslingers left.

Then there’s the bare bones explanation of what the Dark Tower is why it’s so important to both his world and ours, and an introduction for the Man in Black, who wants to destroy the Tower and end everything, played by Matthew McConaughey.  I can’t think of a time before where McConaughey has played a villain before, though it seems like he’ll do a good job here.

I love the exchange between Jake and Roland, where Roland asks Jake if there are guns and bullets on Earth, and Jake replies, “You’re going to like it on Earth..a lot.”

Though, my favorite part of this trailer is the bit near the end where Roland recites the Gunslinger’s Oath.   That was one of my favorite bits of dialogue from the book, and I’m glad to see it made it across the translation to film.    It’s one of those great lines, like “Fear is the mind killer” from Dune, or “In Brightest Day, in Darkest Night..” from Green Lantern, just an iconic bit that is all set to a montage of some cool action shots followed by an incredibly badass bit where Roland fires his gun, and the bullet goes through a bunch of stuff and hits the Man in Black soldier that’s trying to kidnap Jake.  Great stuff.

I do plan on re-reading the books and finishing the series in the near future, so maybe I’ll get more hypercritical of the movie then, but until that time, I’m looking forward to this movie.

Trailer Grade-A




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