Food Geek Review:Glazed Doughnuts

Some people live and die by their doughnut chain of choice. Some prefer Dunkin, some Krispy Kreme, and others say you can’t beat a good Tim Horton’s doughnut. 

Myself, I think you get the better pastries at your local spots, and when you can find one of those that’s where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. 

 Glazed Doughnuts of Hampton, Virginia is just such a place. Nestled behind a bank on Wine Street, here you will find enough delightful delicious doughnuts by the dozens. 

 We were told about this place by a friend of my girlfriend and, after getting my Free Comic Book Day treats there was no better way to continue my day than trying a new doughnut spot. 

The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, pastel blues and pinks line the walls and the smell of fresh baked goodness is in the air. 

The service is also friendly and quick, we had made our decisions and were out the door in a matter of minutes, but you also feel welcomed in there to stay and enjoy your treats there. 

We picked up a half dozen of delectable doughnuts for ourselves, including treats like a Chips Ahoy doughnut, a Red Velvet Cake Doughnut with chocolate frosting and waffle cone bits, a Strawberry doughnut, Maple with a Blueberry filling center, a Thin Mints inspired topped doughnut, and another chocolate frosted doughnut. 

We have yet to try all of them yet, but the ones I’ve had are up there with the best I’ve ever had. If you’re in the Hampton, Virginia area, be sure to try out Glazed Doughnuts, and follow them on social media as well. 

Glazed Doughnuts:Hampton 


Service- A

Atmosphere- A

Fresh baked doughnuts from Glazed Doughnuts

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