Wrestling Geek’s Raw Talk 5.8.17

We start off this week’s Raw with Dean Ambrose getting a phone call from the Raw GM, Kurt Angle. He asks him to run the show tonight, which he accepts.  He heads to the ring to inform the WWE Universe of his being in charge for tonight’s show.  

The Miz of course, comes out to interrupt Dean.  He thinks he should be the one running the show tonight, saying that the show would be total chaos tonight with Dean Ambrose in charge.  

The Miz says he received a phone call from Stephanie McMahon, and that he’s been put in charge as co-acting GM for the show tonight to ensure it runs smoothly. 

 Dean says if they have to run the show tonight, then that’s ok, but at Extreme Rules, he will beat him down and keep his Intercontinental Championship. 

 Dean offers his hand to shake as a sign of his respect, but out comes Braun Strowman, one of his arms in a sling from the damage caused by his match with Roman Reigns a few weeks ago at   Payback.  The crowd chants “Thank you Strowman!” For taking out Reigns. 

Strowman says he doesn’t care who’s in charge, all he cares about is finishing Roman Reigns for good. To end him.  And once that’s done he wants Brock Lesnar.  

 Kalisto comes out with a new Lucha Underground inspired look and entrance music, and he says that he wants to get revenge for what Braun did to him in the Dumpster Match a few weeks ago. 

 Ambrose gives him the match tonight. Braun says he can’t fight, he’s injured, but he also said that he can beat Kalisto one handed, and it’s happening tonight. 

Ambrose says the first match tonight will be The Miz vs Finn Balor. 

Match 1- The Miz vs Finn Balor

The Miz has been waiting in the ring during the break, and now it’s time for Finn Balor to make his entrance.  Miz rolls outside the ring early on, he wants no part of this fight.  

After getting back in the ring, Finn takes control , which leads to a nice bit of back and forth action, kicks, Irish Whips and flips between the two men.  

Maryse pulls Miz out of the ring as we go to break.  Back from break Miz is back in control of this match.  Miz sets up Balor for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Balor counters that into a roll up, getting a two count of it. 

Both men grapple for a bit, til Balor hits this overhead kick after taking a kick from Miz himself, taking both men out of action temporarily.  

They get up, and the pace picks up here, the action spread outside, Miz getting hit with another kick to the head from Finn.   

Miz pushes Finn into the ref and Maryse who was on the outside, and Miz uses his GM power to declare Finn disqualified for hitting an official. 

Ambrose comes out, says that’s not how matches end when he’s in charge, this match is starting over, right now!  And Maryse is barred from ringside. Miz says this isn’t happening, but the bell rings, Balor attacks fast and furious, hits him into the corner then with his Coup De Gracie finisher, for the 1-2-3. 

Match Winner-Finn Balor

Match Grade-A

Backstage, Alexa Bliss is challenged by Nia Jax, saying that if she meant what she said last week, that’s she’s great, she deserves to be the next number one contender, and until that happens, Alexa just has gotten a new best friend, which Alexa sees the possibilities in and smiles. 

Match 2-Alexa Bliss (with Nia Jax) vs Mickie James (with Bayley)

Alexa is taking control early on here, but Mickie, the veteran she is, isn’t going down that easy. Alexa is dominating this match overall though, five feet of fury isn’t just a cute nickname.  

Mickie gets some offense going, nearly gets an outside attack in, but Nia pulls her off the outside, Bayley comes in for the assist, but Alexa gets the win with a rollup. 

Post match,  Bayley chases Alexa out of the ring, and Nia takes out her frustration on Mickie, charging her into the corner and then elbow dropping her. 

Match Winner-Alexa Bliss

Match Grade-C 

Match 3-Braun Strowman vs Kallisto

I don’t know about this new look for Kallisto, it looks kind of cool, but kind of Batman  meets Mortal Kombat, and his music sounds like a TJP theme outtake. 

Braun says he’s not going to accept this match, but the bell rings and he proceeds to kick the crap out Kallisto one handedly. 

Roman Reigns comes out to get his hands on Braun, both men still bandaged up from their last encounter. 

They stare off in the center of the ring, and Roman kicks the broken arm of Strowman, then hits him with three Superman punches but isn’t done there. The fight goes outside, and Braun first boots Reigns to the floor, but then Reigns gets up and attacks the injured arm of Strowman, repeatedly, then beating him mercilessly with a steel chair! If this doesn’t make Roman a heel, I don’t know what will. 

Braun hobbles off backstage with his injured arm.  

Match Winner-No one 

Match Grade-F

Segment Grade-B

Backstage, R Truth and Goldust have a talk that they need to step up their game tonight to get that number one contender spot. 

Match 4- Tag Team Turmoil Match 

Enzo and Cass vs Sheamus and Cesaro vs Golden Truth vs Gallows and Anderson vs Rhyno and Slater 

This match works by having two teams in the ring at a time, whomever wins this first part of the match takes on the next team who takes on the next team for the winner and number one contender spot.

Cass takes control against Sheamus early on.  Not long after tags are made, and Cesaro is dominating Enzo right now.  Enzo nearly makes the hot tag but Sheamus pulls Cass off the corner, and Enzo is tapped out by Cesaro. 

Cesaro and Sheamus advance to face Rhyno and Slater.   Cheamus pretty much beats them down before they have a chance to do anything. Great bit of comedy happens with the English crowd tonight, as Cesaro is brutally beating down Heath Slater in the crotch, the crowd chants Slater’s catchphrase, “He’s got kids!”  After the crotch attacks , they switch the chant to “No more kids!” 

Slater gets a minimum of offense going before Sheamus takes him and his partner out of this match with a Brogue Kick! 

Gallows and Anderson are out next, these two wont go out so easy.   Gallows and Anderson are taking control quickly here, the fresh competitors. 

Sheamus and Cesaro still have some fight left in them though, and are taking the fight straight to them.   All four men are down at a point in the match. 

Gallows and Anderson eventually eliminated by Sheamus and Cesaro. Up next, The Golden Truth. They are fresh and ready, attacking Sheamus and Cesaro effectively.  They might just pull this off. 

Cesaro just needed a break it seems, as both him and Sheamus are getting back in control.  Cesaro gets Goldust in a sharpshooter, but R Truth breaks that up, and then they hit a hot tag, R Truth on fire, not enough to pull off the win though, as Cesaro hits a roll up on Truth for the win, and then they beat down Golden Truth until The Hardys come out.  Cheamus quickly leave together, not wanting to fight the Hardys yet. 

Match Winner-Sheamus and Cesaro 

Match Grade-A

Match 5-Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe

These two rivals don’t waste any time, going right at it, and going outside the ring in record time. Their hatred cannot be contained by four corners. 

These two are going blow for blow with each other, it’s impressive!  Joe takes out Rollins’ bad knee and sends him crashing to the outside.  

Back inside the ring and this match is mostly Samoa Joe by this point.  Rollins gets back though, hitting two suicide dives on Joe to the outside, and continuing the offense inside as well. 

Blow for blow round 2 now, these men really evenly matched here. Joe nearly has Seth in the Muscle Buster but Rollins pulls the turnbuckle off while holding on to the ropes for dear life. 

Joe uses this to his advantage, first by accident, throwing Rollins into the corner, and then on purpose,disqualifying himself and Rollins picks up the win by default.   Joe says this isn’t over yet.

Match Winner- Seth Rollins (DQ)

Match Grade-A

It seems that next week Kurt Angle set up a title match for next week’s show, Dean Ambrose vs The Miz for the IC Title. 

Match 6-Jack Gallagher vs TJP

Neville takes a spot on the commentary table as Gallagher makes his way to the ring. 

I still say also, that TJP needs new entrance music to fit the new mold of his character. And I say this as a gamer, like TJP. I love the video game stuff , but if he’s supposed to be a bad guy now, then his music needs to fit accordingly.

TJP  mocks Gallagher ‘s gentleman ways, to which Gallagher mocks TJP’s dab, which infuriates TJP, which leads to a headbutt attack from Gallagher which nearly takes out TJP. 

Fast paced action from here on out, til TJP hits a rollup for the win. 

Match Winner-TJP 

Match Grade- C

Post match, TJP continues to attack Gallagher until Austin Aries comes out to save the day. 

Match 7-Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox 

This match starts out with a slapping contest and devolves into a brawl really quickly.  Alicia Fox has control of Banks here, but not for long, as Sasha Banks isn’t just called The Boss for show.

In the end Sasha gets the win. 

Match Winner-Sasha Banks

Match Grade-D

Match 8- Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

It’s main event time, this should be a good one. Miz joins the commentary team for this one, as Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring. 

These two are old opponents, they’ve fought their way all over the world, so they know each other quite well.    The two square off in the center ring,  Wyatt gets control early on, but a blink later and Ambrose is in control of this match.  

Two blinks after that, and Wyatt has this fight going his way. Wyatt misses an aerial attack giving Ambrose a window of opportunity.   He strikes Wyatt again and again , from corner to corner.  Ambrose hits a sweet dice attack to the outside against Wyatt. 

Miz leaves the booth saying he wants to get a closer look at this match.  Miz nearly gets Wyatt a victory but Ambrose isn’t done yet.  Ambrose goes for the elbow drop but gets punched in the throat. 

The fight goes outside, Miz hits Ambrose with his own title, Ref doesn’t see it happen though, and Wyatt gets the win.  

Match Winner-Bray Wyatt

Match Grade-B

Post match, Miz and Maryse kiss in the ring to choruses of boos from the British Crowd.

Good Raw tonight overall, action packed for sure. 8 matches, we don’t usually get that much, guess they were showing off for the London crowd. 

Tonight’s Raw- C 


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