Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 5.16.17

Raw was mostly great last night, can Smackdown top it? We will find out, as Smackdown Live comes to us from Manchester, NH. On the final show before the Backlash ppv, which I will be covering right here at Reel Geeks Guide. 

We start off tonight with Kevin Owens, the new face of America and the new host of the Highlight Reel.  I love how he’s taking Chris Jericho’s show and catchphrases while he’s gone. Though I doubt he’ll never..Eeeverr! Be seen Agayn, it’s a nice way to keep the feud fresh while he’s on tour with Fozzy. 

Owens says the beating he put on Jericho is nothing compared to what he’s going to do to AJ Styles this Sunday.  He introduces his guest on the Highlight Reel, in French , but AJ interrupts his intro. 

AJ tells him he can’t believe he’s stooped as low as to steal Jericho’s catchphrases and show, but Owens tells him anything Jericho can do Owens can do better, including beating AJ Styles. 

Styles says he’s beating him for the US title this Sunday, and he’s taking it back to the good old US of A! But why wait til Sunday, let’s do this right now! 

Jinder Mahal comes out as the true guest of the Highlight Reel, and tells AJ and the WWE Universe to bow down to the Maharajah’s feet and we all will when he becomes WWE Champion.  

AJ doesn’t take too kindly to that, and challenges Jinder to a match right here tonight, which starts right now! 

Match 1-AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal 

 The clash of the contenders gets underway with Kevin Owens on commentary.   Fairly even match, (never thought I’d be saying that about a Jinder Mahal match before)  AJ has the speed advantage, though Jinder has The Singh Brothers in his corner, which makes it lean more towards his favor. 

Case in point, back from the break Jinder has AJ right where he wants him it seems.  Even when AJ counters, Mahal is right there with him. Styles gets some moves in on him though, not enough to pick up the win just yet, but he gets some offense against the Maharajah. 

AJ hits him with a flying clothesline in the corner , nearly gets the win there too, but Jinder kicks out.  AJ is about to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, but Owens leaves the booth to attack AJ’s leg with the title, allowing Jinder Mahal to pick up he win. 

Match Winner-Jinder Mahal

Match Grade-C

Post match, AJ clutches his injured knee like Peter Griffin, as Kevin Owens smirks and walks away. 

We get another Lana vignette, still not getting this new gimmick she has now. Like a female Fandango? 

Speaking of him, it’s time for another Breezango Law and Order parody skit.  Hilarious. 

Match 2-Breezango vs The Colons

The Colons aka The Shining Stars aka Los Matadores, seem to be finally hitting their stride here, guess Fourth gimmick is the charm.  

This match is mostly Primo beating up Tyler Breeze, until Fandango gets the hot tag to pick up the win and continue their momentum going into Sunday. 

Match Winner-Breezango 

Match Grade-C

Usos make sure their celebration is short lived, who try to intimidate Breezango in an entertaining and threatening manner. New heel Usos are legit, way better than the face paint wearing, Haka chanting team that we used to see.

Shane McMahon is out now for the contract signing for the Charlotte, Becky, Naomi vs The Welcoming Committee match for this Sunday at Backlash. 

He says that their Women’s Division is one of the more important divisions of Smackdown Live, and this Sunday they will get to showcase their talent in this tag match on Sunday. He brings out the Welcoming Committee first. 

Natalya says that it’s funny to see the three of them pretending to be BFFs, but it seems to me that Team NCB is doing quite alright for themselves.  

This signing doesn’t devolve into chaos like most usual signings but the two teams do lead into a singles match which starts right now. 

Match 3-Naomi vs Carmella

Naomi has this own mostly in the bag right from jump street, Carmella is easily the weak link of the Welcoming Committee. 

So much so that Carmella gets pulled from the ring by her BFF James Ellsworth, which leads him to get ejected from the match by the ref. 

Back from the break and Naomi is just dominating this match, it’s so one sided it’s sad. Like a video game where one player’s controller isn’t working, or like a Goldberg match. 

Carmella gets a cheap shot on Naomi outside the ring, and almost gets a count out win, but Naomi beats the count.  Carmella finally starts to get some offense in now, and is taking control here quick.  

Naomi is back with the kicks and the jawbreaker, and another kick. She’s about to put Carmella away but the other two committee members try to interfere and get ejected by the ref as well. They don’t leave though, instead choosing to attack Charlotte and Becky. Naomi puts in her part to help her friends, and gets a roll up pin on her by Carmella to give the Committee the victory once more here tonight. 

Match Winner-Carmella

Match Grade-D

Backstage Ziggler is back, being irrelevant, trying to claim that Shinsuke Nakamura is a fraud, while trying to remind us of when he was good, once, back in the day.  

Also, Sami Zayn confirms his match with Baron Corbin this Sunday at Backlash, could be a good match, time will tell. Of course this whole bit is interrupted by an attacking Baron Corbin out of nowhere, before he leads into his match with Orton. 

Match 4-Randy Orton vs Baron Corbin 

Main event time, Orton out first, then Baron Corbin. I like this guy, sooner or later he’s going to have a title.  The two lock up early on, both even in the strength department.  You don’t see an RKO shrugged off like that everyday. 

Orton gets the offense going soon enough though, reminding us why he’s got the WWE title.  

Back from break, Corbin has the advantage, reminding us that he’s a former winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner and a future champ of this company.  Corbin hits the Big Boot on Orton, and it looks like this is the end, but Orton isn’t done fighting yet. 

Corbin beats down Orton, yelling at him that he’s nobody to him. This only fuels Randy’s fire, but still this is Corbin’s ring right now.  Orton dodges a charging Corbin, leading him right into the corner, and Orton is in control here.  

Orton readies the Outside DDT,  bam! and gets his RKO set up, but Corbin has that countered into a slam. Orton isn’t done yet though.  

Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere and gets the win in the end, but post match is brutally assaulted by Jinder and the Singh Brothers. 

Match Winner-Randy Orton 

 Match Grade-B

Decent show tonight, but I think Raw wins the battle this week as far as the better show.  That Finn Balor match really put things over the edge for this Wrestling Geek.  

Show Grade-C


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