TV Geek Review:The Flash Season 3

Well Flash fans, another season just ended tonight, some good plot twists in there, some I saw coming, some I definitely didn’t, but let’s talk about the season as a whole.

We started off this season with a loose adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline, which disappointed me in its execution, (for a better version either read Flashpoint or watch the movie The Flashpoint Paradox)  and then we moved on to the ramifications of Barry Allen’s timestream meddling, and the season’s big bad, Savitar.  

 The rest of the season dealing him, and trying to save Iris (Candice Patton) from a future death at the hands of Savitar, Caitlin’s  (Danielle Panabaker) conflict of becoming the villain Killer Frost, and the latest Harrison Wells from the Multiverse, H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) who, like every Wells in this series, has more to him than meets the eye.  

Overall this was a decent season, some shows fall off the mark around season 3, like Arrow , but still could have had some tweaks to the show.  Let’s break it down, the good and the bad.

The Good

I loved Tom Cavanagh’s H.R. Wells. It must be fun as an actor to have a series gig but get to play a different character each year, and the fun showed off in his comic/dramatic performance here. 

I thought also we had some good use of the Rogues gallery this season. Mirror Master, Abra Kadabra and others all showing up at one point or another throughout the season.  As a longtime Flash fan I appreciated that. 

Overall I also liked Savitar as well, his mystery kept us guessing all year, with a reveal that might have been on the list of possible answers but not the top of anyone’s list.  I’ll be more looking forward to next season’s non speedster Big Bad.

I enjoyed the deepening of Cisco’s character as well, getting him to full Vibe level, costume and all. He was proven to be much more than the comic relief this year.

The Bad

The thing I hated most this season was Caitlin’s arc. This whole, I have the powers of Killer Frost so I must be evil now thing, it felt way too simplistic and just another reason to throw in another bad guy in the gallery.  It felt much like just bad writing.

Also, the way they gave Cisco depth and growth this season was to make him angry and miserable through the first parts of this season, which felt to me out of place, and took things down a bit for me. 

Also, the running joke for this show is that Barry messes up everything, and this season felt very much in line with that. To be fair the ending, because of this, did feel deserved, albeit a little conveniently bad news to give us a cliffhanger ending, but hopefully now we can move past that story and into a new chapter. 

Speaking of which, the whole Barry/Iris story felt like it was piled on a bit thick this year, like Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World, it was a bit much.  

Those flaws aside, I still enjoyed the season overall, and can’t wait for next season. I’ll be thinking of my guesses for next season soon, don’t want any spoilers out this soon past episode dropping time.   
What’d you guys think though, let’s talk nerdy here in the comments. Hope this next season will be back in a Flash. 


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