Wrestling Geek’s Talking Raw 5.22.17

We kick off the show tonight from Grand Rapids, Michigan with Bray Wyatt. He’s one of the five men who will battle at Extreme Rules for the number one contender spot to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. 

He asks for the WWE Universe to stand up for the one true savior of the WWE, Bray Wyatt.   He says he will rip open the chest of The Beast and feast on his black heart. Cutting a promo against Brock Lesnar in a way that only he can. 

 He talks about the other men that he will face at Extreme Rules, and how they all will fall before him.  

Roman Reigns shows up, after he’s heard enough  from Bray, Bray looks pleased to see him.  Bray laughs off Roman’s threats, and says that only he is the Truth, and is the only one who can beat Brock Lesnar. 

Roman says that he’s going to beat Brock Lesnar, but his only concern is how he’s going to get Bray out of his yard. 

Kurt Angle comes out to make a match of this conflict, a match that will happen right now. 

Match 1-Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt 

We’re getting this show started with a bang tonight. Roman and Bray lock up, and then square up, fists and feet flying everywhere! 

Bray takes the advantage here, going after the injured ribs of Roman Reigns.   Only a momentary one though, as Roman takes over. But before this can process further, Samoa Joe interrupts the match attacking Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt with his Coquina Clutch. 

Seth Rollins comes out to assist, and we’re left with the two former Shield members standing tall in the ring together.  $5 says we have a tag team main event cause of this. 

Match Winner-No one 

Match Grade-D

After the break, I’m proven correct, by Kurt Angle. He also gives The Drifter his first match, he’ll face Dean Ambrose later tonight.

Match 2-Akira Tozawa vs Daivari

Quick Cruiserweight match here, ends with a Tozawa victory.

Match Winner-Akira Tozawa 

Match Grade-C

Match 3-Elias Samson vs Dean Ambrose

We start off with Samson in the ring, playing one of his songs like he used to do in NXT.  He taunts Ambrose, as does The Miz and Maryse from the commentary booth.  

Ambrose comes out soon after and we’ve got a match on our hands.  Even match so far, both men going toe to toe with each other, no clear person on top here, though The Drifter is making a strong case that it’s him with the advantage. 

Looks like Samson is going to pick up a win, which technically he does, as The Miz helps him by attacking him and giving him a win via DQ.  As that’s the stipulation for his title match against The Lunatic Fringe.

Impressive debut for Samson, hope to see more of him soon on Raw.

Match Grade-C

Match Winner-Elias Samson 

Backstage Enzo Amore has been attacked once more, by an unknown assailant, so Big Cass will be in action by himself tonight, if he’s in action at all.

Finn Balor comes out now to address the WWE Universe. Seems Balor Club is just what he’s calling his fans, and not a spinoff of The Bullet Club, which he was a founding member of in Japan.  Was hoping he’d be taming with Gallows and Anderson, not fighting them.,

He tells the crowd he will win the match at Extreme Rules, and then he’ll face Brock Lesnar. At which point Paul Heyman comes out.  Cuts a vintage Heyman promo on all the other contenders, while calling Finn Balor the best competitor in WWE today, but not even he can defeat The Beast, Brock Lesnar.  This all leads up to the entrance of Gallows and Anderson, and our next match. 

Match 4-Karl Anderson vs Finn Balor

Quick paced match, as these two men have known each other for some time now, going back to their Japan days.  Balor gets some great stomp attacks on Anderson, but Anderson is no pushover. 

Anderson nearly gets Coup De Gracie’d but ducks out of the way,  this only buys him a few more minutes, as he gets hit with it anyway, and Balor is your winner tonight!

Match Winner-Finn Balor 

Match Grade-C

Match 5-Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks

This has to be the strangest rivalry I’ve seen in recent weeks, like Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks should theoretically be on two different tiers of the roster, not feuding with each other.  

Sasha picks up the win here, and this should end this feud. Sasha deserves better, but at least she’s on tv.

Match Winner-Sasha Banks

Match Grade-D

Post match, Sasha attacks Fox’s boyfriend Noam Dar, and in turn Sasha is attacked by Alicia. So maybe this isn’t over yet. 

Backstage Kallisto asks Apollo Crews if he was the one who attacked Enzo, which leads to a match with him later tonight.  

We get a recap on what happened last week on Raw with Goldust turning on his former friend R Truth.  Leading to a promo, which feels very old school Goldust, which I can dig. Shame Cody’s an indie wrestling star now, Id love to get Them together again.  I do like his new tag line, “The Golden Age is Back” 

Match 6-Kallisto vs Apollo Crews 

I again have to say I love the New Lucha Underground style Kallisto has going on, I’d be more impressed though if he was winning matches, just saying.  He pulls off the win tonight though, much to the dismay of Apollo and Titus. 

Match Winner-Kallisto 

Match Grade-D

Match 7- Matt Hardy vs Sheamus 

The winner of this match gets to determine the stipulation of their upcoming title match at Extreme Rules.  Not really feeling the new Hardy Boyz shirts, kind of a boring look, really. When will they  become Broken again? Is what I’m more interested in.

Matt and Sheamus square off, with Matt getting the upper hand here early on.  Sheamus gets his kicks in though and has this match in control by the commercial break.  Sheamus nearly picks up the win after a vicious Brogue Kick, but in the end, Matt Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Matt Hardy, and get to pick the stipulation for their title match. 

Match Winner-Matt Hardy

Match Grade-B

Post match, Matt Hardy announces that at Extreme Rules, the Hardys will face Sheamus and Cesaro in a Steel Cage Match. 

I must say I’m impressed with how much wrestling we’ve had this week,  no five star matches, but we’re on match 8 of the show, and it’s not even main event time yet.

Match 8- Tony Nese vs Austin Aries

Neville waits and watches this match from the outside, so it’s only a matter of time before he gets involved and causes a DQ. 

Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen, and Aries gets the win via submission. 

Match Winner-Austin Aries

Match Grade-C

Post match, Neville snaps and attacks Tony Nese, putting him in a submission hold until he taps, as Aries looks on.

Match 9-Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss 

So, 10 matches tonight? Or will we get 11. They’re definitely picking ways to use the show time wisely here, no real filler here, just action, and in ring action at that. 

Mickie James still has it, and is giving Alexa a run for her money that’s for sure.  In the end though, Alexa hits a DDT and Mickies done for. 

Match Winner-Alexa Bliss 

Match Grade-C

Post match, Alexa intends to use Mickie as an example for Bayley , attacking her with a Kendo Stick, but Bayley shows up right after, and takes the stick, causing Alexa to run off. 

Match 10- Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns 

Bray comes out first, then Joe. Though, some technical difficulties play Seth Rollins entrance music first momentarily, which seems to anger Joe, and the commentary team tries to play it off as Bray Wyatt mind games. 

Reigns is out next, and we have 2/3 of The Shield together in the ring tonight. Wonder if we’ll get any throwbacks to that classic tag team in tonight’s match?

Doesn’t seem like we will, as Rollins and Reigns argue over who starts first in this main event match. 

Rollins on a roll early on, taking on Bray Wyatt.  Eventually we get Joe vs Roman, with a dominant Samoa Joe.  Bray Wyatt takes over, beating up the wounded Reigns.  It seems that Bray has this in the bag. And he would, were it not for Rollins hitting a hot tag and taking on both Joe and Bray like he has an invinciblility star from Super Mario Bros. 

He’s quite impressive, until he nearly loses the match, and gets attacked on accident by Reigns, after Joe side steps a Superman punch, and then Seth gets hit with that vicious Coquina Clutch, and this match is over. 

Match Winners-Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt

Match Grade-B

Post match, it seems like Joe and Bray are on the same page as far as tonight goes.  Though next week it will be Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe vs Bray Wyatt, and Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns. Ok Kurt, I see you, that should be a great pair of main event matches next week.  

Once more props to them for putting on a legit wrestling show tonight, 10 matches? I’ve seen ppv events with less wrestling on the card. It wasn’t any 5 star matches but we did get a legit wrestling show tonight. 

Show Grade-C


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