TV Geek Review:Arrow Season 5

I remember when I first started seeing teasers for Arrow 5 years ago,  coming off of a 6 month deployment in the Navy, I was as just as out of touch with pop culture as Oliver Queen was coming back from Lian Yu it felt like.  But I knew this was something special.

  I had no clue this would blow up to be the cornerstone of what’s been dubbed The Arrowverse by fans, practically every night on The CW has a show connected to this one now.

This season kind of fell off last season in my book, too much Olicity shipping, and Damien Darkh was one of the weaker villains this show had, but this was a rebuilding year, back to basics of sorts, but with a new team in place.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) recruits a new Team Arrow, with recurring character now main character Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum-You’re The Worst) going full superhero as Mr. Terrific,  Rory Regan aka Ragman, Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez-Old School) Wild Dog, in order to save the city from evil. 

I loved the misdirect the show played early on, you think that Walking Dead alum Chad Coleman will be the Big Bad this season as Tobias Church, but we soon get our real big bad in Prometheus, a character based in part on a D.C. Comics villain who once took down the entire Justice League, but is more like another Dark Archer villain here with a tie to Oliver’s past, as they all have to be for some reason here. 

Like I did for The Flash last night, let’s break down the good and the bad about this season.

The Good

I loved the new Team Arrow this season, a nice mix of semi obscure comic book characters, and they all got their individual character arcs throughout the season, it worked. 

I also was a fan of how dark the show got at times overall throughout the season, it worked for me, as this show was always supposed to be the gritty, more real DC show. It had me wondering at times how were they going to come back from this season in one piece? 

Also, I loved the return of some not seen in a while characters on this show as well, that was fantastic and a geek out moment leading into the finale.

Prometheus was a fantastic villain as well, you just loved to hate him, especially as his identity was revealed. I guessed it was him, but the reveal still worked for me. 

The Bad

One of the things I loved most in earlier episodes was the coming together of the Suicide Squad, all of which got killed off this season to make room for the recent movie version, in a weird move by DC.   I mean, there can be a movie and tv Barry Allen, but we can’t have two Suicide Squads in the multiverse?

I also hated how a good portion of this season was Oliver feeling sorry for himself, and not even suiting up for a third of the season. It’s a show about Green Arrow but with no Green Arrow, come on now! 


All in all it was a return to form for the show, and with one explosive cliffhanger, next season could change everything that we know about Green Arrow. Maybe a road trip season with a stand in for Hal Jordan? I’d watch it. 

Arrow Season 5- B 


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