Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 4.25.17.

So, this review was supposed to be published back when this show first aired, but some technical difficulties kept it in the vault til now. 


We start off tonight’s show with Shinsuke Nakamura, which is a fantastic way to start the show.  He’s here to interview Renee Young, but is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, not sure how equal this feud is going to be. Ziggler is no Nakamura.

Ziggler has this whole bit with calling Shinsuke Michael Jackson, which the crowd is not biting at whatsoever, finally Shinsuke gets the mic, and asks him what his problem is.

Ziggler tries to attack Nakamura, but gets countered by Shinsuke, and then scrambles out of the ring.

Match 1-AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin 

This is a great match to start off the show, with the face that runs the place taking on the lone wolf.  I like AJ’s new ring gear, all the red and black reminds me of Deadpool. Or the NWO Wolfpack. Kevin Owens on commentary as well, which is always welcome.

Both men are at a standstill at first, neither one giving in.  Baron Corbin gaining the upper hand through his strength advantage.

AJ’s speed gets him out of a tight spot in the corner, AJ nearly being the victim of a top rope suplex, but he slides out of that knocking Corbin down in the process.

Great finish, AJ is going for the Phenomenal Forearm, that’s countered into a powerbomb by Corbin, which Styles counters into a rollup, for the 1-2-3.

Post match Owens is in the ring beating up Styles, and then Corbin joins in, until Sami Zayn joins the fray to help AJ out.

I’m waiting for Shane to come out and say that this is now a tag team match, but Shane isn’t Teddy Long, so nobody comes out.

In the end of that fracas, Kevin Owens stands atop a fallen AJ. A sign of things to come?

Match Winner-AJ Styles

Match Grade-B

Match 2-American Alpha vs The Colons

It’s a beat the clock challenge to determine the new number one contender for the Smackdown Tag Titles.

Seems the former Shining Stars have new life breathed into them going back to being The Colons again. Let’s see how they do in in ring action.

We start off with a more traditional wrestling match, which is a nice change to see, a real technical based contest.

American Alpha pick up the win in 5:17, after countering The Colons finisher into their own. Pretty sure they’re going to make it to the top of this, as they are one of the best teams on the roster.

Match Winner-American Alpha 

Match Grade-C

Match 3-Randy Orton vs Erick Rowan 

This is a No DQ match, so should be a nice treat. Fairly evenly split match between these two, and this fight goes quickly outside the ring.

Rowan is the first to pull a weapon out from under the ring, assaulting Orton with a kendo stick.  Then he gets a table set up, and I don’t mean for dinner. He pulls Randy up, but is countered by Orton, who then hits the staggering  Rowan with a Kendo stick, knocking him off the apron and through the table.

Erick Rowan regains control before long, beating Orton down with the Kendo stick, tries to throw him into a steel chair he had put in the corner, but Orton is too smart for that, blocks it, throws Rowan into the chair before hitting him with an RKO for the win.

Match Winner-Randy Orton

Match Grade-B

Post match, Orton gets on the mic and does a promo for his House of Horrors match this Sunday with Bray Wyatt. He says the match will be Bray’s eternal hell.

Then Jinder comes out to cut a promo against Orton, which literally makes no sense, as it takes away any suspense that might be garnered for this match on Sunday, we know Randy will retain his title and go on to fight Jinder at the next Smackdown ppv.

Orton starts to attack Jinder but soon Jinder’s new associates, The Singh Brothers assault Orton and slam him down to the mat. He takes the title with him as he leaves the ring.  Classic heel move.

Jinder rides off in a limo with the title, how is this supposed to work for the match on Sunday.

Match 4-Breezango vs The Ascension 

Part 2 of the Beat the Clock challenge.   Quick match, as Breezango picks up the win , and become the new number one contenders for the Tag Titles.  In other words, The Usos are retaining their titles at Backlash.

Match Winner-Breezango

Match Grade-C

Match 5 – Naomi vs Charlotte Flair 

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte has control early on in this match, showing us why she’s the 4 time champ.  Naomi gets some offense in, hitting her with a series of kicks. Naomi nearly gets the win here, but is not quite there yet.

Charlotte attempts a moonsault, but is countered by Naomi, who is about to attack when Charlotte is attacked by Natalya and Company, causing a DQ, I guess that’s the name of the faction is The Welcoming Committee. Guess this is supposed to generate sympathy for Charlotte but it doesn’t do anything for this wrestling fan, just seems like a waste of time to end the show like this.

Match Winner-No one 

Match Grade-D

A mostly decent show with some surprises and some more wtf moments that kind of killed the buzz for me for this week. All that in the end brought my grade down to…

Final Grade-C


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