Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 5.30.17

Tonight we have the Fatal Five Way elimination match for the number one contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship, should be a great match. 

We start off the show with the new face of America, Kevin Owens, and the Highlight Reel.  He makes mention that the former host , Chris Jericho claims to have invented the Money in the Bank match, but the one thing he hasn’t done is win the match, but Owens will. Becoming not only the Face of America, but also the face of the WWE. 

He brings out his guest, the Artist, the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura.  Kevin isn’t a fan of his entrance, or his dancing, it seems, though he should, this guy is entertaining as hell. 

Before too long, Baron Corbin comes to interrupt this moment, and I can already see a tag match coming out of this. $5 says that AJ Styles comes out next, and we have a tag team match main event, Teddy Long style. 

Corbin shows us the highlights of last week, him destroying Sami Zayn. This doesn’t impress KO either, as he’s been doing just that for 15 years.  

 Typical multi man match posturing here from all three men, which then leads to an all out brawl, Sami Zayn showing up to even the odds for Shinsuke, so I guess this will be the tag team match tonight, ok, I’m cool with this.  Not only tonight, but it’s happening next! 

Match 1-Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin 

Shinsuke and Corbin lock up first.  Shinsuke has those lightning fast kicks, he’s hard to keep down. Zayn tags himself in now, and now Owens is back in the ring, this fight between these men will never be over, like Batman and The Joker of WWE.  

Owens doesn’t want to fight just yet though, as he runs out of the ring and gets Corbin back in to do his dirty work.  

And he’s doing quite a good job of this as well. Dominating Sami into the commercial break.  Owens takes over now, now he feels like fighting it seems, a more defenseless Sami Zayn. 

Sami eventually manages to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Owens nearly getting a pin here! Corbin gets back in the match, does some more damage , but then it’s a double hot tag, and it’s Nakamura vs Owens! 

Here it gets to be a bit of a mess, Zayn gets back in the mix, knocks Owens into Corbin, which pisses off Baron, which leads to him knocking out Owens, setting up Nakamura to hit him with a double knee strike and 1-2-3 this match is in the books! 

Great opening match, fast paced, action packed, the way a wrestling show should start. 

Match Winner-Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn 

Match Grade-A

Post match, Zayn and Nakamura raise their hands in victory. They make a great team, but come MITB time it’s every man for himself. 

Up next, The Usos are out to address the WWE Universe. They say people are salty and mad because they still are the Smackdown Tag Champs.   

The New Day makes their debut on Smackdown Live now and this is perfect timing.  Doubly so because tonight they are live in Xavier’s hometown of Atlanta, GA.  

Usos try to talk trash of course, saying they have the Tag Titles, and this is the USO Penitentiary. 

 New Day says they know what goes on in a penitentiary, and they want the titles. Seems they’ve already talked to Shane, and they will face The Usos at MITB for those titles!  Oh that’s gonna be a great match for sure. 

Another Fashion Files skit, now a noir parody.  Love this skits, and it’s gotten both these guys so over with the crowd it’s amazing. I’ve been a fan of both Breeze and Fandango since they debuted.  Looks like a feud with The Colons is in the cards next. I can dig it.

Match 2- Charlotte Flair vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch vs Tamina vs Natalya 

This match is to determine the number one contender to face Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at MITB. 

 In recent weeks it’s been a tag team thing, The Welcoming Committee vs Charlotte, Naomi, Becky. But there can be only one champion, and we’ll find out tonight who will be facing Naomi. 

This match is just pure chaos from the start, I don’t even think the bell rang yet at all to officially start this thing. 

Women are laying everywhere outside the ring, and Tamina tries to use this to her advantage, trying to put Charlotte through the announce table.  

It doesn’t work though, and then it’s just more chaos, everyone gets to do something cool here, even though none of this is official.  

Charlotte eventually powerbombs Natalya through the announce table, like she’s got some Dudley blood in those Flair veins, and it is awesome. 

Shane comes out to address this chaos, put some order to it.  He praises this women’s division, and announces that at MITB these five women will compete in the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match!  That is amazing, this will be fantastic! I’m even more hyped for this show now than any ppv since Wrestlemania. 

Match Winner- No One

Match Grade-A

Match 3-The Colons vs Breezango 

Primo starts off this match against Breeze,  knocking the wig and dress Breeze was wearing off him, Fandango gets tagged in, still wearing his trenchcoat, and shoots The Colons with his water gun, as does Breeze, distracting them enough to throw the cousins over the top rope.  

The Colons get control as we go to break however, Primo and Epico in full control of Fandango the entire time.   This continues back into the break until Fandango counters a top rope attack into a Sunset Flip, allowing Breeze enough time to put on a new disguise and be ready for the hot tag, in a janitor’s outfit and fake mustache and bald cap, wiping the floor with Primo, taking him out with his finisher by way of Christian, The Unprettier, for the win! 

Match Winners-Breezango 

Match Grade-A

Backstage, AJ Styles is being interviewed, but Ziggler interrupts, leading to a match with the other two MITB match contenders later tonight.

Randy Orton is out now, to address the WWE Universe for the first time since losing the WWE Championship to Jinder Mahal. 

He reminds us of who he is, and his pedigree, third generation superstar.  He says he’s not going to just say what he’s going to do to Jinder at MITB, he’s just going to do it.  Especially as it’s going to go down in his hometown of St. Louis. 

Jinder taunts him from the Titantron, and again let me say how much I love this story, this push that doesn’t feel out of place but feel earned for him. It’s unexpectedly quick, but it works. 

Match 4-Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles

 I know I talk a lot of crap on Ziggler, as he’s been turned into a jobber as of late, but that’s only because I see potential in this guy, he has the skills, but just doesn’t have that certain something that makes a top guy, and this new heel turn just feels super whiney to me. 

But he had a good match with Nakamura, and now is in the main event tonight against AJ Styles in his hometown of Atlanta no less, so maybe there is something there, especially as he’s taking it to Styles as we go into our first commercial break. 

Back from the break AJ gets some offense in, beating down Dolph all across the ring.  AJ tries to hit a Styles Clash from the top rope, which would have been super impressive, but Ziggler counters that taking out both men in a flip attack.  

Both men are tired now, beaten and bruised but not done with each other yet.  Ziggler gets caught in the Calf Crusher submission hold, but manages to fight out of it, then hits him with the Zig Zag finisher, but Styles isn’t done yet.  

In the end, Ziggler hits a super kick to take out Styles, one hell of a win! I was legit impressed by both men here tonight, that’s the Ziggler I like to see.  Hopefully he can keep this momentum up, going into the ppv. 

Match Winner-Dolph Ziggler 

Match Grade-A

Solid show tonight overall, all quality matches, that’s a show that makes me proud to call myself a wrestling fan, and in a rare case, I can actually give tonight’s Smackdown Live an A rating.

Show Grade-A 


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