Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 6.6.17

We start out this week with Shane McMahon and the women who will compete in the first Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. 

We get our first look as well at their Money In The Bank briefcase. I like the look, white briefcase gold trim, and green lettering on it .

The usual multi person match promo happens next, everyone gets their chance to shine. I hope the match is better than the build to it, it all feels very same old same old in the buildup to this unique match. 

Naomi comes out to wish the women luck, and then we get the Smackdown Live debut of Lana, in her new dancer gimmick or whatever she’s supposed to be now. 

The crowd is going crazy for Lana, who says that she can compete in this match, despite that Naomi can’t, being the champion. 

Naomi brings up her win/loss record as a wrestler, which is to say, 0/0 as she hasn’t been an active wrestler for the majority of her WWE career, to which Shane agrees, and dismisses her. 

Match 1

Charlotte, Naomi, Becky Lynch vs Natalya, Carmella, Tamina 

Natalya and Charlotte locking up first.  Charlotte dominating this first part of the match, before tagging in Becky.  

Carmella is tagged in as well, and Becky Lynch has Carmella dominated as well, rolling her around the ring in multiple pin attempts.  Carmella starts to regain control, and starts in on Becky as we go into break. 

Tamina is tagged in and starts to destroy Becky now.  Natalya comes in for a double team attack, and now is in full control here. 

Naomi gets in on a hot tag and is on a hot streak, taking out the Welcoming Committee nearly single handedly, til Lana comes out and trips up Naomi on the outside, leaving her open for a Super Kick from Tamina giving the Welcoming Committee the win. 

Match Winner-The Welcoming Committee

Match Grade-C

Backstage, Shane gets confronted by Mojo Rawley , asking why he hasn’t been in action as of late, despite being the winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, and only person to pin Jinder since he joined Smackdown Live, and Shane agrees, if he can beat Jinder again tonight, he could earn a spot in the match. 

Match 2-AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler 

These two put on a great match last week against the Show Off, can they do it again?  The two square off, amateur wrestling style at first, then both men trade holds for the opening moments.  The strikes come next, Styles hits some kicks before Ziggler hits him with a dropkick as we go to break.

Coming back into it, and this is still a very balanced match, both men going back and forth every few seconds.  AJ picks up the win hitting Ziggler with the Styles Clash finisher, haven’t seen that move in a while. 

Match Winner-AJ Styles

Match Grade-B

Up next another Breezango Fashion Files noir skit. Some of my favorite bits of the show as of late. They crossover with The New Day to make the bit even better. 

Match 3-Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal 

It’s announced before the match that John Cena will be returning to Smackdown Live on July 4th. That will be a good thing,  he’s one of the hardest working people in WWE, and always entertaining. 

Mojo is in full control early on in this matchup.  Not for too long though, as this isn’t the same Jinder that Mojo faced last time, it’s a much more ruthless Mahal than before. Jinder picks up the win using his generic slam finisher. He needs a new finisher for sure. 

Match Winner-Jinder Mahal

Match Grade-C

Post match, Jinder cuts a promo on Randy Orton, calling him and his fans sick. But he calls himself the cure to this sickness. 

Match 4-The New Day vs The Colons 

The New Day making their Smackdown Live in ring debuts tonight, tossing Booty O’s into the crowd and pouring cereal into the faces of some lucky fans. 

Xavier Woods starts off this match, before tagging in Big E, just in total control of this match.  

Back from the break though, the Colons have managed to take full control, using some innovative double team maneuvers in order to keep The New Day down. 

Xavier manages to hit an amazing missed drop kick from halfway across the ring, giving Big E time to come in on a hot tag, leading back into Xavier to tag back in to use a double team finisher the Midnight special for the win.

Match Winner-The New Day

Match Grade-B

Post match, The Usos come out and talk trash on The New Day, using a “What are those?!” Joke like it’s 2015 again.  Great material guys, stay current. 

Backstage, Naomi asks for a match with Lana at the MITB event, putting her Women’s Championship on the line, to which Shane agrees. 

Match 5-Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura 

Baron Corbin is on commentary for this one, so we know he’ll attack somebody or both of these men before tonights over.  These two have faced off before, in ROH, but have never fought one on one in WWE before, so this should be a great match. 

They lock up, and square off a bit, a lot of posturing between these two athletes as we go into the break. 

Nakamura gets some great offense on Owens, some really innovative stuff, using his speed advantage in his favor. 

Nakamura put into the corner, allowing Owens to hit him with the rolling cannonball offense, but this doesn’t slow down the King of Strong Style whatsoever, as he hits him with the Exploder slam and his Kick finisher. 

Nakamura doesn’t get long to celebrate the win however, as Corbin assaults him post match with his End of Days finisher as we bring this show to a close. 

Match Winner-Shinsuke Nakamura 

Match Grade-A

Decent storytelling tonight, building up hype for the Money In The Bank ppv, and some good wrestling giving me to give this show a C Grade


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