Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 6.13.17

Tonight, it’s the go-home show before the Money In The Bank ppv event, coming live from Louisiana, so this should be a great one.  Especially as we start out with The New Day! 

Tonight they even get their own New Orleans style brass band accompaniment for their entrance, which is a nice touch. 

They hype up next year’s Wrestlemania, which is coming from where they are tonight, Louisiana, and say that they will be taking the titles from The Usos this Sunday and will be walking into Wrestlemania next year as champs.

The Usos take offense to this and come out talking smack, which then brings out Breezango, who’s been feuding with them as of late, and next come The Colons to fully get this 8 man tag team match started. 

Match 1- The New Day and Breezango vs The Usos and The Colons

Jey calls out Kofi, so Fandango tags him in, then immediately tags in Epico.  Not the brightest move ever, as before long Epico is just getting beat up by Kofi and Xavier in a double team attack.  Fandango gets in on this and starts in on Epico as well.

Breeze gets tagged in, and he doesn’t nearly have as good luck as the rest of his team as he gets hammered by Jimmy Uso before getting handed off to Primo. 

Chaos breaks loose midway through the match as New Day and Breezango hit The Usos and Colons with a Dropkick Party as we go to break. 

This is a great match to kick off the show tonight, fast paced, action packed, and unpredictable as all get out. One of the things I enjoy most about multi person tag matches is when it allows everyone to get a moment, to do something cool, and everyone here tonight got a moment or three to shine. 

New Day and Breezango pick up the win thanks to Xavier Woods going off the top rope on Primo, for the win. 

Match Winners-New Day and Breezango 

Match Grade-A

Backstage, AJ Styles and Nakamura are met up with with their teammate tonight, Sami Zayn, whom it seems WWE is still sticking with this gimmick of, he’s that person that nobody really likes backstage, like he’s that one kid in high school, which I still don’t like, but he makes it work.

Also backstage, Mojo Rawley gets interrupted in his interview by his returning tag team partner Zack Ryder, glad to see Zack back, I feel like he may turn heel soon on Mojo, but we’ll see.

Match 2-Naomi vs Tamina 

It’s a battle of two former members of Team B.A.D. tonight. A lot has changed for Naomi since her and Tamina felt any sense of Unity, this should be good.

Looks like Lana is out here to watch this match, and interfere in it, looking like an Elsa from Frozen stand in right now. 

Both women are looking quite impressive here tonight, Tamina is looking strong but Naomi has the speed advantage. Naomi picks up the win here but is immediately attacked by Lana, her opponent this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

Match Winner-Naomi

Match Grade-B

Jinder Mahal comes out to address the WWE Universe and confront Randy Orton, his opponent this Sunday, whom he’ll defend his WWE Championship against.

I for one, love the rise of Jinder as of late, it doesn’t feel forced although it was completely unexpected when it happened.  He’s stepped up his mic work just as much as his physique and his in ring stuff.  All he needs now is a new finisher to really seal the deal for me as a fan. 

Randy Orton comes out now, well his entrance music is playing, and The Singh Brothers run to the entrance ramp to confront him, but Orton comes from behind, hitting Jinder with an RKO outta nowhere! 

Randy poses out in the crowd with the fans while the Singh Brothers check on their friend and ally Mahal. 

Backstage, Ziggler and Corbin are getting ready for their match, when Owens comes in to organize a strategy for the match against Nakamura, Zayn, and Styles. 

Match 3-Natalya vs Charlotte Flair 

Two of the five women who will compete in the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank match are in action against each other right now. 

Charlotte is on a roll with historic first women’s matches,  competing in the first Women’s Hell In A Cell match last October, and now this match in a few days. 

This rivalry between these women has been an interesting one to say the least, it’s turned Charlotte back to being a babyface again after doing some great heel work over the last year or so. 

Evenly split match here, both women here at the top of their game, just like their famous relatives. 

Natty hits Charlotte with an impressive power slam, nearly getting the win here, but Charlotte has a lot more fight left in her.  Enough to pick up the win here tonight not too long after. 

Match Winner-Charlotte Flair

Match Grade-B

Time for another Fashion Files skit, quickly becoming one of the more entertaining segments on the show in recent weeks. 

Match 4-Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Sami Zayn

This Sunday at MITB these men will be each fighting each other for the chance to be Mr. Money In The Bank, but tonight it’s faces vs heels.  Any one of these men could take the briefcase in my opinion, and this should be a fantastic main event. 

Another fast paced match here, leading off with Ziggler vs Nakamura, into AJ vs Ziggler, before bringing Zayn into the mix, who eventually picks up the win, hitting Corbin with a Helluva Kick! 

No time to celebrate though, as Ziggler attacks Zayn and Styles right after, and Owens and Ziggler grab a ladder to attack Styles and Zayn some more, before using the ladder to grab the briefcase down. Or at least that’s what the plan was, before Corbin got back in the picture, and tried the same thing before Nakamura pushed the ladder over, attacked Corbin and did the same thing himself!  But, can he pull this off again on Sunday?  We’ll find out then.  I’ll see you guys this Sunday for more WWE talking action. 

Show Grade-B 

Not a bad lead in show tonight to the MITB ppv, good matches, way better show than Raw last night.  


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