Comic Book Geek Review:Deadpool:Back in Black

I’ve been reading Marvel Comics since I was a kid in the 80’s, and as such, Venom was one of my favorite characters when I was about 12. The brain eating, the sharp teeth, the fact that he looked like a twisted version of my other favorite character, Spider-Man? I was sold. 

Later on I became a Deadpool fan, years before the internet decided he was cool, and always hoped for a Deadpool/Venom story.   Well we definitely have just that in this miniseries, Deadpool:Back in Black by Cullen Bunn (Drax) 

It’s a sequel to the Deadpool’s Super Secret Secret Wars that retconned Deadpool into the events of the 1984 classic crossover that introduced the black costume that would later become Venom to Spider-Man readers.   I’d also recommend reading that one too, as it was a fun read. 

This one fills in the blanks on the time period between Peter Parker getting rid of the symbiote in the church to just before it touched Eddie Brock to turn him into Venom.   And it does so in a very entertaining manner. 

The Klyntar (as it’s been revealed to be the species of symbiote in recent comics) bonds with Wade Wilson and the two go off on some adventures, the symbiote being infected with Deadpool’s madness on top of its rejection from Spider-Man that really made Venom who he was before.  And also it provides some backstory for the Kraven’s Last Hunt story which I didn’t expect or need out of this but it happened and it totally works. 

This retcon story totally fits in with the established storyline from the 1980s comics, and adds a guest villain in alien bounty hunter Killer Thrill from Bunn’s Drax series he wrote with CM Punk, which was another nice surprise for me as  I enjoyed that character.  The art by Salva Espin also brings that 80s feel to it, along with other 80s guest stars like Power Pack.  

If you’re a longtime Marvel fan like I am, you’ll definitely enjoy this miniseries, and you should pick it up today. 

Deadpool:Back In Black – **** Stars 


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