Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 6.20.17

What a controversial Money in The Bank ppv this past Sunday, right?! The fallout of that will pepper much of this show tonight I’m sure.  

We start out backstage, with the return of Daniel Bryan, our GM who’s been taking time off as of late due to the birth of his child, he wants to get to the bottom of this mess, which stemmed from James Ellsworth was the one to pull the briefcase down for Carmella this Sunday, giving her the victory but tainting it all the same. 

Her and Ellsworth are out at ringside, trying to justify how it went down. Myself I think it was tainted, and cheap and this needs to be corrected soon. 

Match 1- Big E vs Jimmy Uso 

The New Day comes out first, entertaining as always, glad to see them on Smackdown Live. While they picked up the win on Sunday, they didn’t win the Tag Titles.  They’re going to try to fix that soon. 

The Usos come out next, no talking today, just business.  And Jimmy Uso gets straight to it as the match starts, having this match in the palm of his hand in the early goings. 

Big E gets some offense in but Jimmy keeps ducking out of the match, he pays for that eventually as Kofi hits Jey, who’s running with him with a vicious aerial attack on the outside, and then Jimmy gets back in the ring, only to be caught by Big E with the Big Ending for the win! 

Match Winner-Big E

Match Grade-C

Backstage, Lana interrupts Naomi’s interview, to challenge her to a title rematch next week, which she accepts, even though there’s no reason for that to happen. 

Match 2-Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura 

This feud between these guys should have been finished by now but still goes on somehow. I will admit that Dolph has proven himself in recent weeks that he can be more than a jobber/midcard talent, but we’ll see how this one goes.

 Evenly balanced match as we get things going, but fast paced, I really feel like Shinsuke has brought a whole new energy to the show, which has benefited the roster, like Dolph Ziggler has. 

They may call him The Artist these days, but matches like this one show why Shinsuke is still the King of Strong Style!  

Two counts galore here, as both men refuse to give up, kicking out of everything the other is throwing at them, and it’s quite exciting.  

Nakamura picks up the win with the Kinshasa in the end, putting this match to a great finish. Match of the night candidate in my book. Great stuff.

Match Winner-Shinsuke Nakamura 

Match Grade-A

Kevin Owens is out now to do a new open challenge for his US Title.  And to complain about how he got screwed out of the MITB briefcase on Sunday. 

KO says he’s going to give a local wrestler the opportunity to challenge him for his US Title, and out comes AJ Styles.  I thought he was from Georgia, but ok, I’ll go with it. 

Kevin Owens dismisses him, by saying this challenge was for a local resoident athlete, not for him, and out comes Chad Gable to accept, he says he just moved to Dayton, so he can accept the challenge. 

AJ Styles cosigns on this, and we have ourselves a match. 

Match 3- Kevin Owens vs Chad Gable

Gable is taking it to Kevin Owens, a lot more than I would have expected from the offset of this match. Kevin Owens is fighting back though, just as brutal as ever, and Kevin retains by hitting his Popup Powerbomb on Gable.

Match Winner-Kevin Owens

Match Grade-C

Backstage, the newly returned Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley show Daniel Bryan that they should be top tag contenders, which Bryan agrees to give them an opportunity next week, if they can beat The Usos.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring now to address the Women’s MITB match controversy, and he brings out all the women who participated in that match last Sunday to come out and hear his decision. 

Bryan says that there technically isn’t a rule that Ellsworth broke in the match on Sunday, but he does say that what happened Sunday was something altogether different, which then devolves into chaos as everyone has something to say about it. 

Bryan says that this was historic, and to Carmella, doubly so, as Carmella is the first woman to give back the briefcase, as they’re going to redo the MITB match next week on Smackdown Live, to get a real winner this time.  This works for me. 

Post match, chaos erupts, leaving Carmella in the ring with Charlotte and Becky, first Charlotte hits Carmella with the Natural Selection, then Becky with the Disarm Her, as we go to break.  I’m really looking forward to this rematch next week.

Match 4-Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper

It’s main event time now, with the WWE Champion going up against the former Wyatt Family member, Luke Harper.  No real reason for this match to happen, it’s like one of the randomly generated matches in the 2K game, so that the people in a feud aren’t just fighting each other the whole time.  Plus side, we get to see Luke Harper on tv, which doesn’t happen that much lately since the Superstar Shakeup took Bray to Raw.

Jinder takes it to Luke early on here, showing us why he’s still the WWE Champion. Harper gets his offense in too though, demonstrating that uncanny agility he has.  If Luke Harper was an rpg character he’d put extra stats into agility for sure.  He must have taken some from his charisma stats and put it into agility. 

Mr. Money in the Bank, Baron Corbin comes out with the case, is he going to cash in? No, just a distraction it seems, nearly gives Harper the win though, but Mahal still gets the win with that weak slam finisher. 

Match Winner-Jinder Mahal

Match Grade-C

Randy Orton is out now, he said earlier he’s not done with Mahal yet, especially after Mahal’s boys attacked his Dad on Sunday.  And he beats up The Singh Brothers, RKOing both of them impressively, and threatening the champ to close out this week’s show. 

Good show tonight, not a lot of filler, and a great Shinsuke Nakamura match leaves me with no choice but to give Smackdown Live a B this week. 


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