Gamer Geek Review:Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (demo)

Fans of both Marvel, Capcom, and the series Marvel vs Capcom have been eagerly anticipating the latest installment in the fighting game series since we got our first look at the game earlier this year.

Today the demo for the game has been released, giving fans the opportunity to try it out first hand. I’ve played it, and I’m here to talk about it now.

In Marvel vs Capcom:Infinite the robotic villains of the Marvel and Capcom worlds, Ultron and Sigma have united to form a more powerful threat, Ultron Sigma, who has gained some of the Infinity Stones and uses their power to take over both worlds, and it’s up to the heroes of both worlds to unite as well to save them. ​

​The graphics in the game have that classic arcade feel to them, and the gameplay is easy to learn, the moves still work the same for the classic Street Fighter characters such as Chun Li, and the Marvel characters that you get to play in the demo, from Captain America to Captain Marvel all move and feel like their characters should.  Rocket may be small, but he makes up for his size with extra firepower which helps take out the bad guys as easy as “Blam, murdered you!” ​

​You only get to play the story mode in this, giving a brief glimpse into the game, trying to take back Asgard from Ultron Sigma’s forces, so no pvp action yet, but I look forward to trying all the game modes when Marvel vs Capcom:Infinite is in stores this September.


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