TV Geek Review:Doctor Who series 10 Spoilers..

As of the time of my writing this, I’m just minutes removed from that amazing finale. I haven’t had feels like that since Trenzalore.  After a year without The Doctor, save for a Christmas Special last December, we were in dire need of some timey wimey adventures once more. 

This was also Steven Moffat (Sherlock) last season on the show as well. He’s been running the show and writing it for years now, for better or worse.  And this was one hell of a cap to his run. 

What I loved most about this season was that it was a perfect season to start on as a new fan, as I’ve been watching this season with my girlfriend, who’s new to Who.  And while she misses out on some of the subtleties of callbacks to the past right now, she’s still capable of following the show and having fun with it. 

Not all the episodes were classics, some like the one with the creepy wooden girl and the bugs kind of fell flat on me, but we both loved the character arc of Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) as the newest companion of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as they travel throughout time and space.   Loved the diversity added with her as well, being a lesbian but that wasn’t a huge part of her character just something that she was, like people are in reality in the year 2017.

I loved also the addition of Matt Lucas (Alice in Wonderland) as Nardole, as a secondary companion to keep The Doctor in check, which isn’t an easy task at all. 

Also I loved the new adventures with classic Who monsters like the Ice Warriors and Cybermen, especially that finale.  I’d have liked for more Daleks, but I suppose you can’t just do a good Dalek storyline every year. 

And of course, Missy’s (Michelle Gomez-Gotham) arc over the course of the season with a hint at redemption for the arch nemesis of The Doctor, and the return of her former incarnation from the Tennant era Doctor adventures provided some timey wimey twists that I didn’t even see coming, with some great closure for the character, but who really knows if this is the end for The Master.  

I feel like the ending for Bill felt a bit like a cop out, if she just died it’d have been sadder, but to have her not really dead just transferred to a being of living water with her girlfriend from the season premiere felt like just another version of what happened to Clara last season.  If you’re going to kill off a companion, then do it and stick with it.  

I did geek out whole heartedly at the ending with The Doctor stopping his regeneration and encountering the First Doctor (David Bradley-Game of Thrones), which leads us into an amazing Christmas Special to look forward to as well as an excuse to show my girlfriend all the rest of the series (at least since 2005) in the coming months.  

I think overall this may have been one of the best finales I’ve seen for this show since Matt Smith regenerated.  It’s a great farewell to long running showrunner Steven Moffat, and we can’t wait to see what Chris Chibnall will do to the series next year. 

Doctor Who Series 10- B+ 


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