Wrestling Geek Talking Great Balls of Fire 

I first thought, like most of us, that this ppv title is one of the dumbest ever, but, the show actually has me excited to see this match card play out.   I also love the drive in movie feel they’ve marketed the show with, it really works. 

Match 1-Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

How it seems they do a Bray Wyatt feud is cryptic promo, beat down the face, lose the ppv match.  We’ll see if they change the formula here.  

Evenly paced match early on, neither man giving in so easy just yet. The fight going outside the ring before too long, Bray Wyatt taking control in the process.  As well as  enjoying every minute of this as well it seems.  Taking things to the top rope now, Bray hits Seth with a super plex that nearly takes out both men. 

Rollins knee seems to be hurt in all this, his Achilles heel as it were, he’s outclassed here it seems , but he still has his wits it seems, which is half the battle against Bray Wyatt. 

Rollins takes Bray to the outside, then hits the suicide dive, and then back inside for his version of the Phenomenal Forearm, before taking it to Wyatt all over the  ring. 

We get some fast and furious action here, a few near falls which have me on the edge of my recliner.  Bray hits Seth with that slam that Jinder uses as his finisher, but still isn’t enough to take out the King Slayer yet. 

Bray Wyatt gets it taken to by Seth again to the outside, but Bray hits him in the eye, which distracts him long enough to get hit with the Sister Abigail, and get the win! Great opening match here, and unexpected finish. I liked it. 

 Match Winner-Bray Wyatt 

Match Grade-B

Match 2-Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

 Speaking of Seth . the most heartbreaking moment since Seth Rollins turned his back on The Shield has been last month on Raw, was when Big Cass turned on Enzo.  I’d have kept this feud going a bit longer before putting the match on the card, but let’s hope they give this a good payoff. 

It’s really weird not hearing the rest of the intro, now that the two of them are through, I must say .  Vince may think Cass is the star, but Enzo is where the charisma is, where the real money is.  

I’m glad they finally gave Big Cass his own music, was weird with them having the same music.   Even if it’s generic big guy music #23.  My girlfriend just asked me if they’re about to fight, I said, yep.  Is this fair she asked?  Technically..no I replied. 

Cass has this match in full control early on here, just showing how unfair this match really is.  Pretty one sided match here.   And that’s how it ends, big boot from Cass puts this in the books.  Damn.  

Match Winner-Big Cass

Match Grade-D

Match 3-

30 Minute Iron Man Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles

Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus and Cesaro 

I love that Sheamus and Cesaro are doing the Dragonball Z “fusion” sign in their intro.  And my girlfriend comments that the fact that Matt and Jeff are still wearing their same 90s gear makes them look old, which I must admit it kind of does.  

Sheamus and Cesaro get the first win on the books in thirty seconds with a Brogue Kick and a 1-2-3.  The odds stay in their favor the first ten minutes of the match, picking up a second win after a double team attack on Jeff and knocking Matt off the corner as the first third of the match comes to a close. 

We get some more “Broken ” shades from Matt, some extra brutal attacks on Cesaro in the corner, complete with the “Delete” chants, a turn which I anticipate.  The Hardys soon get the first win on the scoreboard here after some impressive moves. 

Not long after though, Sheamus and Cesaro get another point on the board after Cesaro slams Matt into the outside of the ring, and knocking him down for a count out while Sheamus waits in the ring. 

Coming into the final ten minutes of the match Sheamus and Cesaro are up 3-1. Matt gets a near fall, but the clock still counts down against them.  Hardys get another point, nearly tying this thing up, but not quite .  

Nearly at sudden death time now, and Matt hits a sweet Twist of Fate off the top rope on Sheamus, tying the game up 3-3! 

Matt goes for a swanton bomb to make it four, but Sheamus saves Cesaro, only setting up an awesome double elbow drop onto Sheamus.  Match still tied, until Sheamus and Cesaro steal another pinfall, as the seconds count down.  

Jeff nearly tie it up, but there isn’t enough time for the victory count, as the clock strikes zero as Sheamus and Cesaro retain the titles. 

Great match, is this what finally “breaks ” the Hardys?  We’ll have to see.  

Match Winner-Sheamus and Cesaro

Match Grade-A

Match 4-Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss 

Raw Women’s Championship 

I’m legit surprised that Sasha hasn’t turned heel yet, as she makes a better heel than a face, but maybe we could get a turn soon.   

Even match so far, til Alexa seemingly has her arm dislocated, but it’s merely ruse distraction to Sasha, who gets clocked in the face , before trying to leave the match not long after, and getting in further control putting a beating on Sasha. 

Sasha can handle her own against the so called Goddess of the WWE though.  She’s beaten, but not defeated yet.  Alexa tries to go for an aerial attack, which Sasha avoids by blocking with her knees, and going for the Banks Statsment, nearly getting the win but Bliss hits the ropes in time. 

Bliss goes outside the ropes, catching her breath, and taking a count out “win” here, as the title can’t change hands on a count out. 

Post match Bliss gloats, as she walks away, which raises Sasha’s wrath, and she takes this fight all the way to the ramp, ending with Sasha Banks hitting an amazing double knee strike off the announce table ending this segment in an awesome fashion.  Bliss may have won the battle, but the war rages on. 

Match Winner-Sasha Banks (by countout)

Match Grade-C

Match 5 –The Miz vs Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental Championship

During this feud, The Miz has said that Dean Ambrose always screws himself over when he’s on top, and going from WWE Champ to this I feel like that’s pretty accurate. 

I really dig Axel and Bo’s new roles as The Mizterage. Bo actually looks kind of cool in a hipster way.  The Miz is in control for most of this match, showing the WWE Universe why he is the must see champion of WWE.  

Miz nearly gets the win with a Figure Four Leglock but Ambrose hits the ropes, saving this match for a second.  

Ambrose gets some great offense in,  but in the end The Miz retains his Intercontinental Championship another day.

Match Winner-The Miz 

Match Grade-C

Match 6- Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns 

Ambulance Match

This whole feud has been one of the highlights of the show in recent months, it’s made Braun Strowman a hero to wrestling fans everywhere, a Hulk that can take down the overrated Superman that Vince likes to shove down our throats. 

Now finally we reach the end of the road for these two, the only way this could ever end, with one man putting the other in an ambulance. 

This fight is as fast and brutal as advertised, the two titans batting all throughout the ring and arena, culminating at the top of the ramp, by the ambulance, which Roman gets tossed into the side  of, before Braun drags Roman to the inside of the vehicle, or tries to at least, before Roman Superman punches Braun nearly all the way into it. 

Braun now beating Roman with the stretcher from the ambulance, and tosses him back to the ramp, an nearly halfway across the thing!  

This fight gets even more physical from here, the two men pushing each other into the wall of monitors, before Roman takes Braun through the wall, like Kurt Angle back in the day but worse because instead of breakaway glass it’s LCD screens! 

Braun still has some fight left, shoving Roman back off the ramp, allowing Roman to grab a light to hit Strowman with, positioning himself right by the door of the open ambulance, setting up an opportunity for a spear, which Braun dodges, Roman goes into the ambulance and Braun shuts  the door and gets the win ! Braun Strowman wins! 

Roman isn’t done yet even though the match is over, Roman does this epic spear from the ambulance door to Braun, beating him with more ferocious nature than in the previous match, before throwing him in the ambulance and driving the ambulance to the backstage area, where Roman crashes the ambulance into the back of  a truck before stumbling out, injured himself, leaving Braun trapped inside. 

Raw GM Kurt Angle gets some EMT’s to come out and firemen with the Jaws of Life to pry Braun out of the back, while Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater have a quick impromptu match. 

Braun can barely stand in his own, and is bleeding, but won’t stop moving, and hobbles away as Angle looks on in shock.  This right here made the ppv for me.  Great match, awesome finish. If they still try to say that Roman is a face after all this, then Vince really has lost it. 

Match Winner-Braun Strowman

Match Grade-A

Match 7- Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe

WWE Universal Championship 

It’s funny, a year ago today Brock fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200, in a match I called the mma equivalent to Brock vs Samoa Joe, a match which we actually have happening right now. 

I loved the build up to this match, I just hope it lives up to the hype. Joe comes out first, to some cheers from the crowd, and followed after some intimidating pause by Brock Lesnar.  They often talk of a big fight feel, well that is what we have right now tonight! 

Paul Heyman does his Chaucer in A Knights Tale best intro for Brock Lesnar, which Joe doesn’t even let finish the intro for, before Joe beats Brock down, out of the ring and through an announce table in record fashion!  Daaamn, is all I can say. 

Brock crawls back into the ring, smiling, says he’s ready to start the match, and Joe brings it right to him.  This is incredible! I’ve never seen Brock look so evenly matched in a WWE ring before, if nkt over matched! 

Brock gets Joe to Suplex City, but Joe is just getting started! Joe hits that vicious Coquina Clutch and this could be all over.  Brock fights out this time , slamming Joe to the canvas. 

Welcome back to Suplex City Joe!  Brock raises Joe for the F5 , but Joe has him back in the clutch! Brock is purple!  Brock is about to go out, but wait..he fights out, hits the F5, and pulls off the win!  What a match!  Best Lesnar match in some time.  

Match Winner-Brock Lesnar 

Match Grade-A+ 

Fantastic two main events, the rest of the card wasn’t anything that special, leaving me to grade Great Balls of Fire with..

Great Balls Of Fire- C+


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