Wrestling Geek’s Talking Raw 7.10.17

Tonight it’s all about the aftermath of Great Balls of Fire, and what a great pair of main events it was.  You can read more on that at https://reelgeeksguide.com/2017/07/09/wrestling-geek-talking-great-balls-of-fire/

But now let’s get into what’s going down tonight, and what we have leading into Summerslam next month. 

Big Cass starts off the show with his new generic big guy theme music #27.   It’s pretty lame.  The crowd unleashes a sea of boos at him as he greets the WWE Universe with a sarcastic “how you doin?” 

He shows us how he destroyed Enzo last night, reminding us of how one sided that match was.  Cass calls out anyone in the WWE locker room who wants to challenge him.  It’s a pretty strong promo, he’s gotten better on the mic for sure. 

He says that nobody is bigger than him, and out comes Big Show to challenge that remark. Kind of saw this coming really.   Cass tries to talk trash, Show isn’t here for that, and headbutts him and just starts beating Cass down like Cass did to Enzo last night.  Cass soon hightails it out like a 7 foot tall coward .    Didn’t see that bit coming.  

Match 1- Elias Samson vs Finn Balor

They say this feud has been brewing for weeks, but I don’t recall this being a thing till now, but okay, here we go anyway.  

Elias starts out doing one of his songs , and of course it gets interrupted by Finn’s entrance, this should be a good match hopefully.

They lock up early on, Balor has the speed advantage here, hitting those kicks with epic speed, and his agility is top notch as well.  He should have a title shot soon if I were booking this show. 

Elias gains control in the second half of this match though, he has strength and a ruthless mean streak that serves him very well. 

In the end, Balor picks up the win with his Coup De Gracie finisher.  Not a bad match to start out the show tonight. 

Match Winner-Finn Balor

Match Grade-B

Post match, The Hardy Boyz come out to wish Finn Balor well before going into their match which happens next.  First though, they must address the WWE Universe about their loss last night in the first Tag Team Iron Man match. 

They hit some of their broken catch phrases, to some great pops and “delete” chants from the crowd, before Gallows and Anderson come out to mock them, which leads to our next match.

Match 2-The Hardy Boyz vs Gallows and Anderson

Hardy Boyz are on fire tonight against the Good Brothers as this match gets underway, some great teamwork on display here. 

Gallows and Anderson have great teamwork as well, which gives them the win here tonight after a few double team attacks leading into the Magic Killer finisher. 

Right after the match The Revival returns..revives? And goes straight for The Hardys, looking to fully break them it seems. 

Match Winners-Gallows and Anderson

Match Grade-B

Up next it’s time for the most must see tv show on Raw, that’s right it’s Miz TV, for the third week in a row. Tonight it’s a very special episode as we have The Mizzies awards . 

He gives awards to The Mizterage, his wife Maryse, and himself, of course. It’s all very self serving, but The Miz makes it entertaining, he’s one of the best heels in the business for sure. 

Dean Ambrose comes out to spoil the fun, and starts beating up The Miz, or tries to at least before getting beat down by The Mizterage .  He’s not alone though, as Seth Rollins, his former Shield brother comes to the rescue and leaves The Mizterage on the run.  Reunion soon?

Back from the break Ambrose tells Rollins that there isn’t going to be a Shield reunion as he doesn’t trust him, which, after getting slammed in the back with a steel chair, I get that. 

Match 3 Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax 

The match starts out in chaos, practically a free for all, but soon becomes Bayley vs Nia Jax.  Bayley is doing much better against her bigger opponent than Enzo did last night. But Nia isn’t going down so easy either, using her advantages to her .er..advantage. 

Alexa steps in for a bit, continuing this Bayley beat down, and keeping her isolated from her tag team partner. Alexa hits her top rope finisher, but Sasha makes the save, first from the pin, then from Nia Jax,allowing Bayley the moment she needed to get the pin on Alexa.

Match Winners-Bayley and Sasha Banks 

Match Grade-B

Up next it’s another Goldust vignette, he’s pretty much keeping this feud with R Truth alive and interesting.  This is vintage Goldust, and I love it. 

Match 4-R Truth vs Goldust 

I’m really surprised this match wasn’t on the preshow last night , it just feels like a preshow level feud, if not for the Goldust promos. 

The match gets straight to the action, as both of these guys hate each other. Goldust using his size and strength to take control of this match in a big way.  

After a body slam takes out both men temporarily, Truth uses the brief respite to regain his strength,getting some great offense in there.  

Before long though, Goldust hits the Final Cut and gets the win here tonight. 

Match Winner-Goldust 

Match Grade-C

Back from the break Raw GM Kurt Angle is out to address the WWE Universe about the condition of Braun Strowman (he’s MIA, but will return) and now he introduces your reigning, defending (sometimes) Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar! 

He congratulates Brock for winning the (amazing) main event match against Samoa Joe and wants to talk to Brock and Paul Heyman about who will face Brock at Summerslam. Paul Heyman declines to talk about that just yet, but Roman Reigns comes out anyway to say he’ll be the challenger for Brock at Summerslam. 

Seems we still don’t have a heel turn from Roman just yet, he’s still “The Guy ” .  We need a heel turn, we’re just not going to get one it seems.  I am surprised to see Brock Lesnar speaking for himself though, that’s different.  

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring now to throw his hat in this ring so to speak.  Samoa Joe and Brock are ready to come to blows right now, this is an amazing segment.  I want to see this match again now.   

But what we’re going to see is Roman vs Joe next week, winner gets to face Brock at Summerslam, if they don’t fight each other tonight that is. 

Well I’m hyped for next week’s Raw and Summerslam right now.  That’s going to be spectacular. 

Ok seriously, what’s with these texts, both Angle and Corey Graves now? Either way it looks like we’ll see what the texts are next week on Raw.  

Match 5-Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar and Neville

I must admit I haven’t watched 205 Live in months.  It just hasn’t had any real appeal to me. Maybe if they mixed the crusierweights in with the show more often, I might feel more compelled to than if they were on one match ok Raw and a show after Smackdown goes off the air. 

Same reason why I don’t blame Austin Aries for leaving WWE.  A talent of his caliber wasted in the crusierweight division as an afterthought on Smackdown.   

Like this match is technically sound and fast paced, but I don’t care about these characters. I don’t care about them because they don’t really develop them into anything but their basic caricatures.   Tozawa gets the win here, ok, moving on.

Match Winners-Tozawa and Cedric Alexander 

Match Grade-C

Match 6-Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

This whole feud, I’m just not feeling it. I’m fans of both guys, but I’m not buying into it, that these two guys have a reason to fight for months .  Bray vs Cena, that was a feud. Bray vs Randy Orton? That was a feud. This just feels like a placeholder , giving both guys tv time and something to do.  

Bray and Seth square off and lock up as we get this main event going. , Seth getting his revenge from last night early on. 

In my criticism of this feud, I hope you see that I don’t hate these guys, just that this feud doesn’t have a compelling reason to exist.  

Good match though, both men are in their prime here, innovative offense from both men, making it fun to watch. 

Bray Wyatt gets the win again, taking advantage of the eye he injured on Seth last night once more, leaving him open for the Sister Abigail, getting the win and Wyatt Family disappearing style.  

Match Winner-Bray Wyatt

Match Grade-B

Right after though, The Miz and The Mizterage surround him in the ring and start beating him down, and then Dean Ambrose shows up for the save with a steel chair of all things, ironically enough as we close out the show.  So we may get a reunion yet? 

But we’re not done yet with the show, as Kurt Angle, backstage, calls  the person who’s been texting him as of late, asking them to come to Raw next week to tell the truth. I think it’s Dixie Carter myself, former owner of TNA, but we will find out next week.   

All in all, fairly good Raw. I’ve definitely seen worse shows over the years.  I’m hyped now for next week’s Raw and Summerslam, Smackdown has a lot to live up to this week. 

Wwe Raw 7.10.17 : B+ 


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