Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 7.18.17

We start off our show with The Singh Brothers introducing the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, and the Punjabi Prison that he’ll be facing Randy Orton in this Sunday at Battleground. 

That should be a good match, as the last time we saw this match, it was with The Great Khali, who can’t really move around the ring very well.  

After The Singh Brothers explain how this match will work, Randy Orton comes out to explain how foolish this idea was of Jinder’s, locking the two of them in a cage, let alone multiple cages as it is in this match, while climbing the structure itself, in a great visual and promo.

I really hope though, that this is the finish to this storyline, it’s been dragged out a month longer than it should have in my opinion. 

Match 1-Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston 

It’s funny, we’ve seen this feud before, but last time Usos were the good guys, and nowadays they’re just good bad guys. 

Kofi taking it straight to Jimmy , hitting him with a series of kicks and a one man Unicorn Stampede, he’s on fire, NBA Jam style. 

Jimmy gets control during the break though hitting his martial arts based offense along with his cruiserweight like speed. Jimmy Uso gets the win after countering a splash pin by Kofi, using his momentum to roll it over into his own pin, giving his team the advantage going into their title match this Sunday. 

Match Winner-Jimmy Uso

Match Grade-B

Backstage, Shane is dealing with the women of Smackdown Live, trying to figure out who’s going to wrestle tonight, settling on Becky Lynch vs Charlotte.  

Now we get some reaction from Jason Jordan’s former tag partner Chad Gable to Jordan’s reveal as Angle’s son.  I really liked them as a tag team, I hope that he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle now as a solo guy. 

Match 2-Mike Kanellis vs Sami Zayn 

I must say, I love the power ballad entrance for Mike and Maria, it’s so cheesy awesome.  And now we get to see the in ring debut in the WWE for Mike Kanellis.

Sami in full control early on here, taking the fight to Mike from the ring, to the outside and back in again.  Maria steps in to save her husband from the beat down, and Mike sucker punches Sami while the ref is distracted and hitting his finisher on Sami to claim the win. 

Match Winner-Mike Kanellis

Match Grade-D

John Cena is out now to hype up his match against Rusev at Battleground.  He cuts a great promo on American greatness, like a real life Captain America.  I love it.  And then Rusev comes from out of nowhere and beats Cena down and hits him with The Accolade, like it’s 2014 all over again.  

Only this time, Cena tries to fight his way out of it, but is unable to, as Rusev leaves Cena unconscious in the middle of the ring and grabs the Bulgarian flag and waves it high. 

Match 3-Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair 

They’ve been the best of friends and the worst of enemies in the ring, tonight, they’re enemies.  Fast paced, even match between these two, neither one giving the other anything.  Becky eventually getting the win with the Disarm Her.  Fantastic match, best match I’ve seen tonight! 

Match Winner-Becky Lynch

Match Grade-A

Post match chaos ensues as Becky and Charlotte’s show of respect is interrupted by the other women in the match this Sunday, total free for all. 

Now it’s time for my favorite segment another Breezango Fashion Files segment, this time a parody of The X-Files. Breeze cosplaying Scully for the win.  And even better, a Seven reference.  Can’t wait for the conclusion of these things this Sunday at Battleground. 

Match 4-AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens

The match goes to chaos very early on as Corbin attacks Shinsuke as he makes his entrance, and then every man involved the match starts going at it. Fast paced, action packed match with Kevin Owens’ team getting the win, leaving Owens with the energy going into his US Title Match.

Match Winner-Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin 

Match Grade-B

All in all, this was a better show than Raw was, not entirely shocked there, as that’s how it usually goes.  Some great matches tonight leave me to give this week’s Smackdown Live a solid B+ 


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