Wrestling Geek’s Talking Raw 7.17.17

Tonight we find out what Kurt Angle has been hiding, I really hope it’s not dumb. First things first though, Dean Ambrose comes to the ring to address The Miz ‘s beatdown of him last week. 

He calls out The Miz, but The Miz doesn’t come out, but his old Shield mate, Seth Rollins comes out to join him. Dean still doesn’t trust him, but Seth tries to offer the olive branch but Dean isn’t buying it.  This is a great promo by these guys, I’m feeling this whole internal conflict thing, some of the best promo work by Ambrose in a while for sure.   This is like Emmy clip promo here . 

Seth apologizes for betraying The Shield, which is some nice closure to the past, and even offers his back up for Dean to hit him with the chair like he did to him 3 years ago, and Dean throws the chair away.   

Of course, The Miz comes out to ruin this moment. He and his Mizterage surround the ring with steel chairs, and proceed to beat down the former brothers in arms.

Match 1- Bayley vs Alexa Bliss 

She earned this match last week after pulling off a win against the champ with Sasha’s assistance. And, if she can win again tonight, she’ll be back in the title picture again. 

Bayley unleashes some aggression on Bliss, before getting distracted by the arrival of Alexa’s bodyguard, Nia Jax.  Back from break and Alexa is back in control now, and this is a totally different match. 

Bayley gets a second wind and just starts going to town on Alexa til the fight goes outside the the ring and Nia attacks her.  Alexa back in control, til Sasha comes out to save the day for Bayley, and Bayley picks up the win. 

Match Winner-Bayley

Match Grade-C

Match 2-Drew Gulak and The Brian Kendrick vs Mustafa Ali and Jack Gallagher 

The match starts off with Gallagher and Kendrick before Kendrick tags in Gulak as they go on on one for a bit,til Mustafa Ali gets tagged back in and hits his flipping finisher on Kendrick for the win.

Match Winners-Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali 

Match Grade-C

Back from the break, and Enzo is out to call out Cass again, I hope they get a rematch soon.  Enzo calls out Cass, who comes out to the crowd chanting “Casshole”. Enzo gets him all hyped up, and then rolls out of the ring goes to the crowd, and sits down with a young fan, before calling out The Big Show.

Match 3 

Big Show vs Big Cass

The two behemoths battling each other in the ring, and quickly out of it, both men going toe to toe.  Cass takes this inside the ring and starts to dominate once more, ending the match with a Big Boot to his former friend, Enzo Amore.

Match Winner-Big Cass

Match Grade-B

Backstage, Dean and Seth recover from their injuries inflicted on them by The Mizterage.  Kurt Angle books a match for next week with Dean and Seth vs The Mizterage in a handicap match. That should be a great match. 

Match 4 -Elias Samson vs Finn Balor

We start out with Samson’s “wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Here it goes ” bit before Balor comes out to save us all.  Early on in the match, its mostly Samson. Using his strength advantage in this rivalry.  

But just like he has the strength card, Balor has speed and agility that Elias doesn’t have, which gets a few hits and kicks the match into another gear until like a latter day Honkytonk Man, Elias smashes his guitar over Balor’s head for the DQ.

Match Winner-Finn Balor by DQ

Match Grade-B

After the match Bray Wyatt appears to taunt Finn via the Titantron, looks like that’s his Summerslam match this year. I’m cool with it. 

Backstage Angle meets with Bayley and Sasha, setting up a match for next week’s Raw, Bayley vs Sasha, winner faces Alexa at Summerslam. 

Match 5-Daivari vs Akira Tozawa 

Fast paced cruiserweight match, ending with Daivari winning, we already know how I feel about these matches, technically great matches but I don’t care about them because they don’t take time to develop the characters or stories really. 

Match Winner- Daivari

Match Grade-C

Up now, it’s the hyped up moment that has us all anxious to see what Kurt’s secret is. Angle comes out, and says actions of his past have affected his present, that being that in his college days, he fathered a love child, and that child is…Jason Jordan of American Alpha, who is now on Raw.  

I’ve always said that American Alpha was going to be the next Team Angle, didn’t expect them to do a family thing with this.  What about Chad Gable though? 

Match 6-The Hardy Boyz vs The Revival

The Hardys going right after Dash and Dawson after the beat down that nearly had them ..broken last week, getting some good double team offense in.    Matt and Jeff also doing a great job of keeping The Revival separated and in control of the match.  

The Revival are also skilled in this art of Tag Team wrestling as well though, and come up with the win this week.  I have a feeling they’ll get a few more wins, breaking The Hardys as they promised. 

Match Winners-The Revival 

Match Grade-C

Match 7-Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

Reigns has yet to actually beat Samoa Joe, but if he ever did, tonight would be the time to do it, as the winner of this conflict will go on to face Brock Lesnar for his Universal Championship. 

Both guys are going toe to toe here, say what you will of Roman but the man does have some skills in the ring. 

The match comes to a head when Braun Strowman returns and beats Roman down, as well as Samoa Joe.  This monster among men lives up to the hype. 

So with no clear winner I can only assume it’s going to be a triple threat match at Summerslam, or a Fatal Four Way even. 

Match Winner-No one

Match Grade-B

Well, the Angle reveal wasn’t as earth shattering as I’d have hoped, and the rest of the show was just okay, leaving me no choice but to give this week’s Raw a final show grade of a C-.  Let’s hope Smackdown is better this week. 


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