How I would Fix…205 Live

Trying a new column here, where I , coming from a fan's perspective, would fix something in entertainment that is broken.

I, like most long time wrestling fans was ecstatic when WWE announced they were revamping the long dormant Cruiserweight division with a tournament, a spot on the flagship show Raw , and their own tv show on the network. The division had always been a fresh and exciting thing since WCW first brought that style over here in the 90s.

But, after an exciting tournament, the whole division feels like a bathroom break in an already overcrowded three hour tv show. (More on that in another column) And what it all comes down to is they have failed the division in one simple, yet key element of good wrestling.

Character and storytelling. From what I've seen, there is little to no characters in that show, just a bunch of really talented people, and no characters leads to no stories being told that are worth investing our time and energy into, because that's all the character they have is that they are talented athletes. That's only one element of what makes the WWE entertaining.

We need to know these characters, we need to believe in them, to cheer or boo them, something. The only clear character we have is Neville, the champ. He's better than the rest of the division and he is it's self proclaimed King.

Who else do we have, Tozawa..he's Japanese and likes to scream, TJP is kind of douchey, but he's really a nice guy on social media, Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar are in a bizarre love triangle with Alicia Fox, and Rich Swann likes to have fun. That's only a small portion of the roster but it's enough to know that they aren't developing these characters at all since this thing first started last year.

They need to completely overhaul the whole process. For starters, I would axe 205 Live all together, and integrate the cruiserweights into Raw and into the main roster and not just a sideshow attraction. That's step one, and it saves the company some money.

Step two, develop characters, storylines, and conflicts that make these great matches worth watching beyond the athleticism of the thing. Give the audience a reason to love and hate these guys. It's all common sense stuff as a fan but somehow this has failed to be seen by the company, and they just wonder why nobody is watching 205 Live, and nobody reacts to the cruiserweight matches like they should.

Step three, let this stuff evolve organically. Don't shove it down our throats like this is Roman Reigns, just let it happen and if it's really great it will happen and catch on.


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