TV Geek Review:Marvel’s Spider-Man

As has been established here previously, Spider-Man has always been my favorite Marvel character, since I knew what Marvel was.

Even still though, the time of me watching an ongoing Spider-Man cartoon hasn’t been for me since MTV’s cgi hybrid animated series circa 2003.

But after seeing that longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott was involved in the production of this new show, and that it was a back to basics Spider-Man series, I was definitely intrigued by this latest animated effort on Disney XD.

In this incarnation, which is a hybrid of the comics and the Homecoming version of the character, Peter Parker (Robbie Daymond) is a new student at the gifted school Horizon High, run by genius Max Modell (Fred Tatisciore-Avengerss Assemble) , and Peter is learning the ropes, or the webs of being a superhero, and trying to balance his life as Peter Parker as well as being the Amazing Spider-Man.

I’ve seen the first two of the 6 episodes that make up this first season, and I like the show for the most part. I’m sure kids will thrill for the action and the humor, but it feels very fresh and has enough Spidey sense that it has enough for fans of any age. The animation style feels like a light anime almost but with a comic book feel that feels true to its roots.

I also love that they don’t rehash the origin either, we get it by now after countless shows and movie reboots, but Uncle Ben’s presence is still felt in flashbacks voiced by Geek comedian/icon Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille, MST3K:The Return) .

One thing I’m not a fan of in the show is the Gotham season one feel of the show where all these characters that are important characters to the mythos later are all students and assistants at the school. Everyone from Miles Morales (Nadje Jeter-Grown Ups 2) , Anya Corazon (Melanie Minachino) to Doctor Octopus are all that this school and they all know each other, and it’s kind of weird.

Overall though this show is a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing how this show goes forward. What do you guys think though, am I right on this one, and what’s your favorite Spidey show?


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