TV Geek Review: Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers

When Game of Thrones ended its sixth season last year, I came to the realization that all the time for plot setup was over, and from here on out would be two seasons of a long drawn out fan servicing climax, and I was ok with this thought going into this season.

And lo and behold this was exactly what we got, and I loved it. All the setup is done, and character building is done, and now it’s time for our characters to meet each other, all the players are on the board now. Jon Snow is King of the North, Arya is an assasin, Dany has her fleet, army, and dragons, Tyrion is with her. And Cersei is slowly on her way to becoming The Mad Queen and we all wait for the day when Jamie has to be a Queenslayer as well.

The years of setup has put this show on a pedestal with some fans with its literate nature of course this being based off of George RR Martin’s novels, but we’ve surpassed his books here, and the writers, while already knowing Martin’s endgame with the series, have been allowed the freedom to do with what they will for the most part with the show. And this opens things up in a lot of fun ways.

Some lament the faster paced nature of this season and the “fast travel” that they’ve now “unlocked” on the show Skyrim style, but I’m cool with it as we don’t have the time for realistic travel times now, stuff is going down.

This season overall has brought some of my favorite moments on the show, such as the Loot Train battle, pitting the Lannister forces against Dany’s Dothraki hordes and dragons, the GOT Suicide Squad going up against the White Walkers, Theon finally standing up for himself and showing that not having a junk anymore can be an advantage in certain times, and the satisfaction of seeing Littlefinger’s schemes finally all blow up in his face.

There’s more stuff than that but I don’t want to be writing this all night, there was a lot of satisfying moments this season. One thing that I’ll put in the weird but ok, it’s Game of Thrones so I’ll go with it is the double reveal confirming R+L=J along side Jon Snow hooking up with his hot aunt Dany. People had been waiting for that to happen all season what with the flirting that’s been going on since Jon showed up but still I was like, dudes, they’re related. But that happened anyway. I wonder how it’s going to go down when they find out the truth about his lineage.

And then after the Walkers and their dragon riding Night King demolished the Wall, also I did not know there were Giant Walkers among them, like whaaat? Now we have to wait possibly two years now for the climactic chapter of this story.

I’m really going to have to rewatch the show now and read the books in the mean time cause I need my fix.


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