5 Vintage Comic Book Ads Part 2

The article yesterday was a lot of fun, so let’s take another trip in the wayback machine to the wonderful time period of 1984.

1. The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai

I remember seeing this ad when I first started to read comics and I was immediately entranced by this idea of a scientist rock star adventurer that I knew I had to see this movie.

I didn’t end up actually seeing the film until I rented it in high school some 12 years later, and I loved it, but I probably would have loved it even more as a 4 year old.

You can read my thoughts on the film here


I’m also disappointed that to my knowledge the movie never did become a major Marvel comic, as the ad promises either, save for an obligatory comic book adaptation miniseries, which every movie practically got back in the 80s.

2. CBS SaturdayMorning Cartoons

Kids today really are missing out on this grand tradition that we had, of waking up early on Saturday mornings, with a big bowl of sugary cereal and watching four hours of our favorite cartoons.

Here we have the fall lineup for CBS Saturday Morning Cartoons. Of these I think the one that’s stuck around the longest pop culture wise was MuppetBabies, but that isn’t too big a surprise as Muppets are forever.

I totally forgot that Richard Pryor had a brief stint as a Saturday morning kids show host. Which, knowing his usual material, is as crazy to me as Nickelodeon giving the creator of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac a cartoon show, but that happened too. I’m assuming this was post Superman III there must have been a kid appeal to him that network execs saw in him.

I do recall and love the DungeonsAnd Dragons cartoon, further proving my point that the 80s were the perfect breeding time for geeks. It even had a great opening sequence, which set the show up perfectly.

The Get Along Gang was another childhood favorite, though I don’t remember much about it other than that the leader character was Montgomery Moose and there was a family of rich evil alligators who’s schemes that they interfered with on a weekly basis.

I also remember the cartoons that were based off popular video games of the time like Q-Bert and Donkey Kong that had Mario working in a carnival and being more or less friends with the titular ape. I don’t think that lasted a full year as I only remember seeing that lineup on tv only once, the Saturday Supercade as it was called.

3. Fig Newtons

This is the only timeframe that I ever recall seeing ads for Fig Newtons. It’s a cookie that I only kind of like, except for when they had Blueberry Newtons back in the day, but somehow they still exist.

I remember seeing this maze ad in a lot of comics when I first started reading them, and it’s always stuck with me. I’m not sure how one would sail on a raft made of Fig Newton cookies though.

4. Marvel’sSecret Wars actionfigures

Ah, Marvel’s Secret Wars. This comic book miniseries and accompanying toys were a big part of my childhood and developing interest in Marvel characters. I’ve already covered the comic book not too long ago, which you can read here


But the toys were something else, they had these shields they came with that had two pictures on them that changed if you turned the shield just so, as demonstrated in the ad.

I love also the Doom rhyme the ad writer came up for this oddly demonstrative advertisement. Being that this is 1984 I’m almost certain this was intended to be read as Dr Doom busting a freestyle rap before trying to defeat the superheroes.

I only had a couple of these growing up, Magneto, Spider-Man, Kang, and Captain America, but I loved these things.

Bonus flashback here’s me from my 5th birthday at McDonald’s when I got my Magneto figure.

5. NBC Saturday MorningCartoons

NBC really went all out on this two page spread for their lineup. So many good shows here, I feel like this is the channel that I spent most of my time on growing up. From The Smurfs to their more obscure cousin show TheSnorks NBC was where it was at.

And just to make this super 80s as possible there’s a David Hasslehoff cameo in the ad, and a live action sitcom with a family and an orangutan, which is another show that I recall actually seeing on tv once, and then never again.

Well that’s it for this blast from the past, hope you all enjoyed looking at old ads. If you want to see more of this stuff let me know, I’ve got plenty more where these came from.


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