Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk- Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2

So last night the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped, and blew all of our collective minds.   I don’t know who Disney has cutting these trailers but they need to give them a raise.  We get just enough of what we need without really knowing anything definite about the movie.  We think we know how things may play out, but for all we know these are different scenes from different parts of the movie and there could be some curve balls thrown at us here.   Let’s watch it again and talk about it shall we?


There’s so much to discuss here but let’s break it down by the characters that we see here and what we know or think we may know about them.

  1.  Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)  He seems to have grown some as a character since we last saw Matt, I mean Kylo Ren, his training now complete I’m assuming, but he still seems unsure of himself, is he fully committed to the dark side, or is there some good in him?  Also seems we’ll be seeing a lot less of him in full armor this time, another symbol that he’s not hiding who he is anymore behind a mask.

Seems like he’s just as good as a pilot as his grandfather too, pretty slick flying there.

I guess also that since the days of the original trilogy they’ve moved from Bacta tanks to Bacta strips for healing injuries.  Judging from Kylo’s electrical tape in certain parts of the trailer that’s seems to be what it is.

2. Rey (Daisy Ridley) we see what happens right after the cliffhanger ending of The Force Awakens as she hands Luke his lightsaber.  She’s continuing her training, doesn’t seem  to have any sequences that we know of yet of her carrying Luke on her back during her training just yet.  She’s powerful in the force too, like really powerful, Anakin powerful.

Doesn’t seem like she’ll finish her training much like her mentor, as she asks Kylo at the end of the trailer for help, or that’s how it looks here at least.  If that happens, is she going dark side, or is Kylo going light?  What is going on here?!  This is the moment that we will all be debating for the next few months, and maybe even after.

3. Finn (John Boyega) He seems to be going on quite the journey this time, possibly spying on the First Order, and he’s in deep too from the looks of it, culiminating (in the trailer at least) with a battle against his former boss Captain Phasma ?!  That’s going to be quite  the fight, I  hope we get to see more of her too, unmasked even this go around.  But that’s a side note.

4.Luke Skywalker  We see here a different side of Luke than we’ve ever seen before, a Luke that’s scared.  Scared to train Rey, scared of her power, scared of maybe what destiny has called him to do, and as his mentor Yoda once said,  Fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate, leads to suffering.  Could Luke go dark side here, and have a third movie where Luke is the villain and Kylo and Daisy have to redeem him?

5. Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) We don’t really get too much Poe this time around, but I’m sure he’ll play a substantial role in the movie.

I also love the moment with Chewbacca and the too cute for it’s own good Porg both roaring at something.    Not too much else to really talk about character wise, we know that Princess Leia will have a substantial role in the movie, as this is Carrie Fisher’s last movie before her untimely death last year, but we don’t really know what that is.

If it was me running Disney, this is the last trailer we’d get before December, as it’s only two months away, but I”m sure we may get one more,  I love all the speculation we have now to talk about and debate till then.  So let’s get this Star Wars conversation started leave some comments,  Whats’s your favorite of the saga so far?  What are you looking forward to in this movie the most? and till next time be sure to Keep It Reel.



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