Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: The New Mutants

I’ve been a fan of The New Mutants for most of my life.  In fact, New Mutants # 25 was one of the first comics I’ve ever read, given to be by somebody, likely my parents in a pack of random comics I got when I was 4, I’ll talk about that comic more in a future column, but the fact is The New Mutants I was reading before I knew what an X-Men even was.

The New Mutants # 25, one of the first comics I ever read.

So, when I’d heard that Fox was adding The New Mutants to their X-Men universe I was extremely excited.  My excitement only grew when I’d heard of the cast, including Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones as Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair, I was sold.   And then…I saw the trailer they released today.


Some are praising the trailer for it’s originality for a comic book movie, but I’m not going to be doing that today.  I just don’t like it.  In fact the only thing I like about the trailer is the logo, which feels very Bill Scienkiewicz esque.  Bill Scienkiewicz being the artist who, while he didn’t create The New Mutants, his run on the book really established a unique tone for the series, bringing on such unique characters as Warlock and Legion, who has his own show now on FX.

But this movie just feels like standard PG-13 horror, not at all like the comic I started reading and one that I’ve been re discovering again reading from the beginning recently.  I still like the casting choices, everyone looks the part of the characters, but I’m not feeling this movie just yet.  We’ll see, maybe it’s just the trailer and we get some proper New Mutants stuff later in the film, but for right now, I stand by cautiously awaiting this movie’s arrival in theaters next April.


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