TV Geek Review: Stranger Things 2

Well guys it’s finally here. The moment we’ve been waiting for since we all collectively binged the first season on Netflix last summer. Another season of Stranger Things, just in time for Halloween.

This season picks up a year after the events of last season, and Will (Noah Schnapp-The Peanuts Movie) is seeing visions from the Upside Down. Meanwhile, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is back from the Upside Down and trying to figure out the mystery of her past. Also, a new girl at school, Max (Sadie Sink) causes a rift between Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin-The New Edition Story) and Dustin also has a new pet that may or may not be from the Upside Down.

I left out a bit, as there is a lot going on in these 9 episodes. Sean Astin (The Goonies) also joins the cast as a love interest for Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Paul Reiser (Aliens) plays a scientist who works for the laboratory that started all this mess in the first place. And still that’s not everyone.

This season is pretty much their Empire Strikes Back story. It’s a bit involved, and every character just about has their own separate storylines that all come together near the end just about, save for one which may be a set up for next season.

I’m going to talk about what I liked and didn’t like from this season from here on out so if you haven’t watched it yet, this is your spoiler warning.

What I Liked

I actually really, really enjoyed this season a lot. I’m not surprised by that at all, as The Duffer Brothers are some great writers/directors and they have a good team working under them. But it’s hard to follow up something as great as the first Stranger Things.

I loved the nostalgia that was there but it was never too much, everything served the course of the story, it wasn’t just Hey, Remember Dragon’s Lair? That was a cool game, right? But we do see that in the show and yes, it totally was.

The music in this season I also liked a lot. I loved the music in the first season, but here we have more familiar music cues overall, and they’re all bangers.

I really liked David Harbour as Chief Hopper this time out, just like last time too. He brings the Harrison Ford like swagger combined with concerned dad at times, just great performance.

Noah Schnapp had more to do as Will this time out, and we got to see some great scared acting. I wish we got to see more of him possessed by the Mind Flayer, would have added a more antagonistic role to the proceedings.

I even liked the group of secondary characters we got to meet in episode 7, the “Morlocks” I’ve dubbed them. The other girl from Hawkins Lab and her crew that we meet as Elle is having her Orphan Black moment of finding her “seestra”. I was hoping the others had powers too, but maybe they do and haven’t shown their hand yet, as really where are Numbers 1-7 9, 10 and who knows how many more? Questions for next season I guess.

Also how awesome was the introduction of the Demodogs and the Aliens inspired slaughter of the soldiers in the lab. I was waiting for a “Game over man, game over!” From somebody in there at least.

I’m still almost sure that those things evolved after Dart killed Dustin’s cat.

I loved Sean Astin in this show, and I felt bad after he was killed off, cause I thought for sure that he was up to something shady the whole time til the end, and in the end he was basically the Agent Coulson of the group, the one who had to die to bring the team together to fight the big bad.

What I Didn’t Like

I hated Mike throughout the majority of the season, as he became the most whiny kid in the group. I could understand where he was coming from, missing Eleven , not wanting this new girl in the group, but still, annoying.

Also Dustin got on my nerves too as the whole Demodogs, death of Samwise was basically his fault as he had to keep Dart safe even though it was so obvious his E.T. , Gizmo friend was a baby Demogorgon.

I also wasn’t a fan of how quickly Eleven’s sacrifice was resolved, like she was back in the Upside Down for like twenty minutes tops. Lazy writing.

The Wrap Up

My girlfriend and I binged this whole season in like a day. The show is super engaging, fun, and you care about the characters and the mystery of The Upside Down. I still kind of feel like last season was better, but I’ll be watching this whole thing again sooner than later I’m sure.

Stranger Things 2: A-


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