Reel Geek’s Retro Review: The Room

Once in a long while, a movie comes along that brings the world together.. in laughing at just how terrible it is. Once there was Plan 9 From Outer Space, now there is..The Room.

Written, directed, produced by, and starring the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, this movie is a cult classic for how bad it is.

I had only seen it once years ago, the Rifftrax version, and that was good enough for me, but being that I was going to be on my friend’s podcast to discuss this movie, I figured I’d better give it another go.

The movie is, at its heart, a love triangle, between a girl, a guy, and the guys best friend. A fact that they will remind you of at least fifty times throughout the course of the film.

Also, the first twenty minutes of the movie is basically a soft core soft core porn late night cable movie. It’s like love scene, dialogue, love scene, dialogue, love scene..oh hi plot.

It’s a terrible movie, but Tommy Wiseau manages to keep things entertaining even when they aren’t with his odd acting choices.

So many quotable lines from this movie too, it’s a meme unto itself by now. So many plot holes left wide open too, but still this is a better movie than Transformers 4, or Attack of the Clones.

I really look forward to seeing James Franco’s movie about the making of this movie The Disaster Artist when it hits theaters nationwide next Friday. Until then you can always watch this movie again with your friends, oh hi guys.

The Room- D


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