Lindsey Stirling Concert Tour Review: Warmer in the Winter

This previous weekend was a busy one in entertainment media. Star Wars, The Last Jedi released in theaters to astounding reviews and a complete and udder divide amongst long time Star Wars fans as to the quality of the film. This review is not for that movie. That movie does not need more reviews. That movie does not need more debates. There are enough reviews online already to last us the next two years. On that note, I will simply say that as a lifetime Star Wars fan, I absolutely loved the movie, and can complain about it very little. If you want a full review of the movie, just look back a few days and check out the main man Keskeys’ full review.

This article is reviewing something else entirely. I talk about The Last Jedi now, because I want to use it as a baseline for just how amazing an entirely different show was. A entirely different show, that I also attended over the weekend.

Lindsey Stirling is known as the Dancing Violinist. If you’ve been living under a rock since she hit the YouTube scene in 2007, you might not know who she is.

Here is a link to her YouTube channel:

The main point of this article is to inform you of her talent if you don’t already know and to review her current concert tour, Warmer in the Winter, which is her fourth studio album. It also so happens to be a Christmas album. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Christmas music. I, like most Americans, grew up with the songs. That being said, I never really fell in love with them, except Elvis’ versions.  Lindsey Stirling has created an album to love, regardless of whether or not you like the genre. Warmer in the Winter is the best Christmas Album to be released in many years, in my own humble opinion.

Up until March of 2017, I was one of those people living under a rock. That’s when I first started paying attention to her music, and let me tell you, seeing her live is an experience you should absolutely have in your lifetime. Outside of witnessing her immense talent firsthand, the show is exactly that. It’s a show and a big time choreographed production. It’s very close to a Broadway style play in presentation, but instead of a musical story, you get something so much more unique. Individually, this was the best show that I have ever attended. This is coming from someone that has seen a lot of concerts.

I’m traditionally a classic rock kind of guy. I’ve seen Roger Waters perform The Wall, I’ve seen Ozzy, Slash, Van Halen, The Eagles. The list goes on and on like that. I repeat myself; this was the single best show that I have ever attended. The immersion you get from seeing Lindsey Stirling live is unlike any experience that I’ve ever had, and I say to you now, go and see her on tour. All you’ll be doing if you don’t is cheating yourself out of a wonderful life experience.

The concert hall I attended had the most diverse crowd that I have ever been a part of at a live concert. There were young and old, and everyone in between, with no typical demographic being represented. That alone should tell you the magic of Lindsey Stirling’s music. She has a magical ability to appeal to everyone. That is something that most artists only ever dream of having.

Going back to my original point about Star Wars The Last Jedi, personally think it’s a wonderful addition to the Skywalker Saga, and the best Star Wars movie to come out in a very long time. And yet that experience was completely overshadowed by the incredibleness that is Lindsey Stirling. Yes, I know that’s not a real word, but it’s appropriate.

Here is a link to her website:

Go and watch her, if you can get tickets.
You absolutely will not be disappointed.



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