Book Geek Review-Star Wars: Lost Stars

I’ve read my fair share of Star Wars books over the course of my life. From the Legends canon to my most recent kick with the current canon books, I’ve read a lot of good, and great stories, and some not so great over the years. But it wasn’t until now, thanks to my brother Matt’s recommendation that I believe I’ve found my actual favorite book to bear the Star Wars branding.

That book is Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. It tells a tale set during the course of the original trilogy leading up to The Battle Of Jakku, a huge event in the timeline that was really the end of The Empire era before their return years later as The First Order.

It’s a tale of star crossed lovers, former childhood friends Thane Kyrell and Cienna Ree. The two of them join the Imperial Academy together and become model citizens of The Empire. Until the destruction of Alderaan forces Thane to make a choice that eventually leads him to the Rebel Alliance.

Two best friends, turned lovers, caught on both sides of the Galactic Civil War. It’s a tale that I’m surprised wasn’t told before. Though, if it was it likely wouldn’t have been told as well as it was told here.

I’m a sucker for a good romance story, and we all know here how I feel about Star Wars, so the two go perfectly together like chocolate and peanut butter. I loved the characters here, and their relationship. The supporting characters are all good additions to the canon as well.

It fits mostly well within the big picture that is Star Wars, though there were parts that didn’t quite line up to the movies I felt, but overall it’s a welcoming other untold story that’s now been told in the universe.

One side effect of reading this book, and some of the other canon books is it really humanizes The Empire, that they weren’t all stock evil characters but people that were on a different side of the conflict. Sure, some are pure evil, but others, it’s just their job that’s all, they’re in the military. As such when I’m playing Star Wars:Battlefront 2 now at times I almost feel bad when I’m taking out TIE Fighters and Stormtroopers sometimes.

If you have never read a Star Wars book before but merely like the movies, then this is a great book to start with. Fantastic writing, great characters you will fall in love with and it’s just good Star Wars. And at the end of the day, that’s what’s important.

I give Star Wars: Lost Stars an A+


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