TV Geek Review: Black Mirror Season 4

For quite some time now, my social media feed has been filled with great things about British/Netflix series “Black Mirror” . Despite the glowing praise, I hadn’t watched it.

At least not until yesterday, when a perfect storm of being snowed in and having heard a lot of talk about this latest season, I knew it was time that we start watching the show.

In case you also have been under the same rock I was “Black Mirror” is an anthology show by writer Charlie Brooker, which takes a look at our relationship with technology and spins that in odd, weird, sometimes disturbing directions.

Each episode is a stand alone story, though there are elements from time to time that suggest that all of these stories are all taking place within the same universe.

Usually when starting a new show I would start at the beginning, but being that this an anthology show, combined with the hype for this latest season I suggested that we start with the most recent one first.

This is where we spent the rest of the day/evening as each new chapter spun us off into some interesting, exciting, and disturbing new worlds.

My favorite episode this season was not, as I thought it would be “USS Callister ” the clever, and brilliant deconstruction of toxic fandom wrapped in the best “Star Trek” story that isn’t “Star Trek” since Galaxy Quest. No, it was the breakdown of the online dating scene “Hang The DJ” that took that spot for me.

The whole season is just fantastic though, and the closing story “Black Museum” is one of my top three this season as well that ties things together from other stories, that has some great twists in it as well.

Each episode looks and feels different from the rest, going into different styles of filmmaking, and with different directors each time, you can binge the whole season in a day like we did and not get bored, because each new experience is a fresh start.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you will cheer and be shocked by the twists and turns that the “Black Mirror” stories take this season. And now to go back and see the other seasons we go.

Black Mirror : Season 4 – A+


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