4 Vintage Comic Book Ads 10: The Return

It’s baaack!  After taking a long hiatus, due to not finding any ads worth writing about in the months of comics I was reading at the time, we are back with some new trips back to the past.  Let’s get started shall we?

1. Oreo Puzzle Ads (1985)



There was a trend in comic books I’ve noticed in the 1980s, that of ads that were designed for kids to draw all over these collectibles.   I never did, but I imagine a lot of kids couldn’t resist the silent call to do these mazes, word games, or whatever else the ad would ask of them.

Oreo was a big part of these style of ads.  It’s something you rarely see commercials for anymore, let alone print ads, but at the time, Oreo ads were in most comics, trying to sell kids on the chocolate awesomeness that is Oreo.

2. Nestle Quik (1985)

DocFile (4)

One of the staples of old comic book ads was mini comics featuring your favorite advertising characters.  Here we have a great example of what the advertising campaign was as a whole for Nestle Quik and the Quik Bunny.  This time out, our hero is playing baseball on a little league team, while rocking his Flava Flav style large necklace, but with a Q instead of a big clock.

The coach seems to also be a kid, which I don’t think is a thing that happens ever, but it’s an ad, so we’re going with it.  My favorite moment in all of this though is that the tagline at the end is the same slogan that Billy Dee Williams used for selling Colt 45 Malt Liquor.  But hey, if it works every time it works every time.


3. Dorman’s Cheese with Secret Wars stickers! (1985)

DocFile (4)


Marvel’s Secret Wars was one of the biggest comics, and bigger toy lines of 1984.  The property was still going strong in 1985, as judging by this ad, which I recall seeing in ads in my comics when I was first starting to read them.  I wanted these stickers bad, but I never heard of this cheese in real life, and definitely didn’t see it in the stores anywhere in San Diego, California, where we lived at the time when I was 5.  So, alas, my dream of having a Secret Wars sticker album and set had to be just a dream.  Still, these stickers did look pretty rad, and I’m sure the kids that had them loved it.


4. The Heavenly Kid (1985)

DocFile (5)

I feel like I’ve seen this movie at least once in my lifetime.   Basically a mashup of  Heaven Can Wait, and My BodyguardThe Heavenly Kid tells the tale of a greaser from the 1950s who dies and has to be a kid’s guardian angel to really earn his wings up in heaven. (The last part I feel like I may be making up, but it’s late as I’m writing this, and don’t feel like doing research for this one.)


Well that’s it for now, be sure to stay tuned to this page for more trips to the past.


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