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Music Geek Review: Childish Gambino : Awaken My Love


I’ve been a fan of multi-talented artist Donald Glover since his run on the fantastic sitcom Community.  And this fandom has taken me to some truly bizarre places, such as his internet comedy group where he first made his name Derrick Comedy, to his stand up comedy special which I bought on dvd, to his music, which has been just as inventive and unique as the man himself.    His song “Bonfire” off his first album Camp inspired my own return to hip hop which is on my YouTube channel if anyone’s curious.   And his television show Atlanta, which debuted on FX earlier this fall was one of the best shows on tv this season.    Each project completely different from the last, which is rare, as an artist in any genre, let alone multiple ones like Donald Glover works in.

Which brings us to his latest album Awaken My Love.   The cover art alone tells the audience that this isn’t going to be your standard album, and the album itself lets you know that as well from the dream like xylophone tones that start out the first track “Me and Your Mama”, that  this album is taking you on a musical journey, a dream like infusion of soul, and funk that could double as baby making music and as get stoned and just chill type music.    And each track is different from the last as well, a continuous reinvention of itself like the artists own career up to this point changing and evolving with every track.

There are lots of different kinds of albums, for different kinds of moods, feelings, situations.  And in this current day and age of digital everything, it’s easy to just pick and choose your music a track at a time, which is how I admittedly listen to music most of the time, but this album, like Solange’s A Seat At The Table album from a few months ago merits to be listened to in completion, in order, just allow yourself to go on this aural funkadelic journey, and you won’t regret it.

Key tracks- Me and Your Mama,  Zombies, California, Redbone, Stand Tall

Album rating ***** out of 5 Stars