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Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Reel Geek’s Guide….don’t you dare be sour…clap..for your wrestling fan writer …and feel the power….it’s a New Year yes it is!   New! Year Rocks! New! Year Rocks!

And with that New Year comes a whole year’s worth of geek movies to get excited and talk about with you right now.  Now, there’s a lot that got left off this list, there’s a lot more of awesome coming out that, while I’m excited to see, Kong: Skull Island, The Fate of the Furious,  the new Alien movie, I’m not as hyped for those as I am about the movies that made my cut for the 10 most anticipated movies coming out this year.   I’d love to hear what yours are though, show some comment love here or on social media, I can talk geek all day.     But without further adieu, here we go…

10.  The Dark Tower


The Dark Tower, in case you weren’t aware is the first movie in a hopeful film series that’s based on the novels by Stephen King.  Unlike most adaptations this one does something a bit different with it’s execution, which (for me) allows me to forgive a lot of the changes that happen in this movie from the original books.  And that is, it’s a reboot/sequel to the original stories.

How does that work you ask?  Well, from what I’ve read at the end of the books, the Gunslinger (played in this movie by Idris Elba) gets the Horn of Eld, a mystical object which allows the blower of said horn a second chance to fix some mistakes that were made in the last go around.   And this movie is a new cycle, so things can look and take place differently than they did the first time (or however many times this cycle has played itself out..the books are kind of confusing, but great)

It’s a great way of being able to give the filmmakers some creative input while still hopefully doing the story justice.  We’ll see for ourselves when The Dark Tower gets released in theaters on July 28.


9. Kingsman: The Golden Circle


I was a huge fan of 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service.  It was a great blast of fun, poking fun at the spy genre of movies while blazing it’s own unique trail.  It was an adaptation of a comic by Mark Millar (Kick Ass) but it was different from that movie as well, it made for a great time at the movies.  And while I haven’t heard too much on this one yet, other than a return of Colin Firth’s character somehow as this poster teases, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Eggsy (Taron Egerton) can get into this go around, where the agency is forced to team up with their American counterparts, when this is released on October 6.



8. Wonder Woman


The movies of the DC Cinematic Universe have had a definite rough beginning so far, with most audiences and critics panning Batman V Superman (Which I liked) and Suicide Squad (which I, and a lot of other people liked as well)  but here’s hoping third time’s the charm with Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

Gal Godot certainly looks the part, and we know she fills the role well.  The trailer looks fantastic as well, so I’m hoping that this will be the first great DC movie.  Wonder Woman will be released on June 2.


7. Blade Runner: 2049


I was a late comer to Blade Runner, admittedly.  Growing up geek, it was one of those movies that I was aware of, but never actually watched.  Not until a few years back when I got the Ultimate Cut as a Christmas present, and watched/fell in love with the world of that movie.

Which brings us to now, some 30+ years after the release of the original, we get a sequel with new Blade Runner Ryan Gosling trying to uncover a mystery that involves Deckard (Harrison Ford) .  I’m hoping this return to a classic role for Ford is more  The Force Awakens than Crystal Skull, but we’ll see for ourselves when Blade Runner 2049 gets released in theaters on October 6.


6. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2


I was a huge fan of James Gunn’s first Guardians movie a few years ago, it was one of my favorite Marvel movies up til that point and still is.  In fact the only reason why this movie isn’t higher on my anticipated list is because I’ve got a good feeling that both Gunn, and the cast will knock it out of the park again.  I just know that it will be as much of a blast as the first one was.   We’ll find out just what’s on the Awesome Mix volume 2 when Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 gets released on May 5.


5. Beauty and the Beast



The original animated movie was one of my favorite movies growing up, still is to this day.  I’m really hoping this live action adaptation by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) holds up the movie’s legacy.  From what we’ve seen so far, it looks fantastic.  I’m glad we haven’t seen too much on it yet, as we’re only a few months from release, and it’s always a nice surprise when marketing doesn’t show you too much of a movie beforehand.   I will definitely be their guest when Beauty and The Beast hits theaters March 17.


4. Thor: Ragnarok


Reports recently came out that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) may be taking on more of a role in this movie than expected.  We knew he’d be in there, from the post credits scene in his own movie, but this movie is really looking like it should have been titled Marvel Team Up the movie, with Doctor Strange and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) taking large roles in the film, which is fine by me.     It seems like it’ll be quite an affair, a mash-up of the Planet Hulk storyline along with tying up some loose ends from the last Thor movie The Dark World and revealing the last Infinity Stone before next year’s Infinity War.  Seems like a lot of plot to get through, but I’m sure it will be great, which we’ll get to see for ourselves when Thor:Ragnarok hits theaters on July 28.


3. Justice League


I’ve already talked about how up and down the DC Cinematic Universe has been so far, but still, from that teaser we got last summer, this looks like it’ll be an epic movie, which will manage to do what few have been able to do thus far.  And that’s make Aquaman look like a badass.  I mean, it’s not hard to do when the actor playing him used to play Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, but still.   I anticipate a lot of fun here when Bruce gets the band together to save the world on November 17.


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming


I’ve talked about how much I enjoy the new Spider-Man Tom Holland so far, and how they’ve finally got the perfect Spider-Man to Peter Parker ratio going on in the casting, so I’m super psyched to see this new Spider-Man get his own movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  (Now, if only Fox could work out a deal with them for the Fantastic Four and X-Men characters)     Be prepared for me to geek out when this hits theaters on July 7.


  1. Star Wars: Episode 8


I’ve heard rumored titles for this movie, and none of them have sounded good, so I’m going to call this one just Episode 8 until they officially drop the title, and hopefully a teaser or something soon.   We’ll finally get to see Luke Skywalker in action, more Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher), a Kylo Ren that’s completed his training and maybe the answer to the mystery of who are Rey’s parents?    All that and presumably somebody’s hand gets chopped off in this second part of the third Star Wars trilogy on December 15.