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A Tribute To Carrie Fisher


For those of us  guy geeks who grew up in the late 70’s or early 80’s, a lot of our first celebrity crushes would have to be Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars movies.  Far from a damsel in distress, she could come back to every quip that Grand Moff Tarking or Han Solo could throw at her and turn it around with the quickness, there was something special about this take no bs attitude that resonated with us as we were growing up.  Oh, who were we kidding, back then it was the gold bikini in Jabba’s palace that really resonated with our pre-pubescent minds back then, made us think there maybe, just maybe, girls aren’t yucky after all.

As an actress of course she’s done far more than just Star Wars, but it is her most iconic role.  To hear of her struggles with bipolar disorder and seeing her standing strong still in spite of that made her a hero to generations, on top of any acting roles that she could do.  In addition to that,  to see her again in the role in last year’s The Force Awakens brought a tear to this particular geeks eye.

Tears are falling once more, as 2016 wasn’t done yet in taking our childhood heroes.  She suffered a heart attack on a plane last week, and fans worldwide were concerned.   Audiences got to see a cgi created younger version of her iconic character in this month’s Rogue One, who closed out the film with the line “Hope.”, and that is what fans had that she would pull through and makde it to see 2017.   The actress  managed to return to stable condition, but that was merely a calm before the storm, and it was announced earlier today that she had indeed passed away at the age of 60.    She will be remembered forever by fans now, and in the future, as new generations discover Star Wars, so in that sense, she isn’t gone from our world, just one with The Force now.    RIP Ms. Fisher, thank you for the movies, May the Force be with you.